Church Saint Leonard of Honfleur!!

This is a beautiful church in pretty Honfleur many missed as is away from the old port but I say it is worth the detour. We have been many many times here, and walk all over, ride even further, and we rented apartment once very close to it. I like to tell you a bit more on the Church Saint Leonard of Honfleur!

Once again coming back to Honfleur. You can read my blog and will understand more.  Honfleur is special and its Churches are the soul that rings with history, traditions, architecture ,and just quant neighborhoods of old and today. Just lovely for a walk, see ,do eat, drink and be merrier for life’s given. I have done many posts on Honfleur over the years in my blog, today will pick just one the Church Saint Leonard.


First , the Saint-Léonard district overlooks the library and the Tourist office and stands out in particular by the presence of its imposing Church Saint Leonard, dedicated to Saint-Léonard . The fountains and laundry or lavoir of Saint-Léonard, which borders the Church, belong also to history. Their existence has been attested since the 15C. It is in the heart of the Faubourg Saint Léonard, that the recently arranged garden of Tripot  is located. You will discover the Claire River, crossing Honfleur, and the old Tanners ‘ district.


The Church Saint-Léonard of Honfleur, was there already a sanctuary in 1186 at the site of the present Church as evidenced by a charter of the abbey of Grestain. Leonard, young man of the Court of king Clovis and patron Saint of the prisoners , died near Limoges in 559.


The Church Saint Leonard consists of a large nave with two aisles and a choir completed by a three-sided bedside. The façade is of flamboyant Gothic style and only surviving part of the old Gothic Church. The main gate is considered one of the most beautiful expressions of flamboyant Gothic. There are also some rebirth elements. The majority of the Church was burned by the Huguenots (protestants) at the time of the wars of Religion in the 16C. Most of the Church was rebuilt in the 17C and 18C, which explains the peculiar shape of the dome tower, rare in Normandy, but which evokes those that are encountered in eastern France. The large octagonal bell tower dates from 1760. It is decorated in its upper part of elegant bas-reliefs representing instruments of Music.


The interior is fully decorated with murals, as well as the wood vault with apparent framing. The stained glass windows date from the 19C, in the apse, in the center, the life of Saint Leonard. The stained glass windows of the lower sides represent the stations of the Cross. The Organ of the Tribune is by Aristide Cavaillon-Coll ;however by 1901, Charles Mutin, successor to Cavaile-Coll, rebuilt the instrument in its present layout. He reused some of the old piping and rebuilt box springs, mechanics, blower and console.


Some webpages to help your visit to this nice Church Saint Leonard are:

The City of Honfleur on Church of Saint Leonard

The parish of Honfleur on the Church Saint Leonard in French:

There you go a bit of walking past the old basin and you reach this wonderful Church Saint Leonard in a very quant old neighborhood of Saint Leonard in Honfleur.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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