This is Evreux!!!

And let me update this older post in my blog on a fine Norman town. As other posts in my blog, this will be in my black and white series, no pictures. My first inclination to see Evreux was that a good friend collegue of mine was a native and told me stories about her town, ironically she is now in Marseille! However, let me tell you a bit about nice Evreux!

I like to continue my routes of my belle France , remembering previous visits with the family. One area we went a lot and love it as many is in Normandy. However, not only the popular sights glossy over all tourist brochures and else. Come to see the beauty of the French countryside and its wonderful towns with Cathedrals to match any. Come to the Eure dept 27 and visit Evreux.

However, like I said, the tourist points are on my previous blog post, here will give you a bit of the history of this nice town in country Normandy Évreux is in the deparment 27 Eure, in the heart of the valley of the Iton , a river too which you can reach on the highway A13 autoroute de Normandie or the N13.  There is a train station on the line Paris Gare Saint Lazare –Evreux etc. There is a bus service with nine lines but usually very local.

A bit of history I like

In the Roman antique times the city of Evreux was identified as Mediolanum Aulercorum and was the capital of the people of Aulerques Eburovices founded in the end of the 1C BC.  At the end of the 3C after several raids by the barbarians to the city, it was built a wall ramparts at you can see today part of it in the Museum of Evreux. This protection gave rise to a monetary treasury discovered in 1890. After been kept at the Museum of Evreux ,it was taken to the National Library of France , it is 340 kg of Roman moneys coins ,about 110K of them Antoninians of which about 15 500 bears the face of roman emperor Gallien.

By the Middle Ages, Taurin was the first bishop of Evreux, died around 410 , and its honor an abbey of  Saint -Taurin was given by its founder the duke of Normandy Richard II. Évreux became in 989 AD the seat of the county of Evreux and diocese of Evreux, and was invaded and destroyed many times by invading armies, especially from England.  As an anecdote, many familes bearing Devereux are found in England especially around Essex where many counts were of Devereux as well in Ireland , all coming from the name of Evreux.  With the marriage of Philippe d’Evreux with Jeanne de Navarre, daughter of king Louis X le Hutin, the Evreux rule over the kingdom of Navarra. The direct line of the family of Evreux disappeared in 1400 with the death of Charles d’Evreux, cousin of king Charles II while the Navarrese line (Capetian line Evreux-Navarre) lasts until 1441.

By 1793, during the French revolution many citizens tried in vain to resists the convention. During WWII the city suffered many bombings first by the Nazis in 1940 and later the Americans in 1944. The city center was rebuilt shortly thereafter.

Things to see, not to repeat those given in my post and expands on others will just name them briefly here:

The tour de l’Horloge (beffroi -see post) clock tower and the museum of Evreux (see post) with the archeological room with discoveries of the region gallo roman period , statue in bronze of Jupitor Stator, many rooms dedicated to the Middle Ages, and tapestries of Aubusson 14C. The first floor (2nd US) is dedicated to the works from the 17C and 18C with a nice collection of old watches .The last floor or 3rd (4th US) you have paintings and sculpture from the 19C  such as by Flandrin, Boudin, Rodin, and Gérôme. There is a bishop’s garden that is nice . You have the wonderful Notre Dame Cathedral , (see post) gothic style. As well as the Church of Saint Taurin with the coffin of Saint Taurin work of art from the medieval goldsmiths. The before mentioned ramparts of the 4C of 9 hectares, the old convent of the Capucins later a high school then the national school of music and now a conservatory of music of Evreux.

Others are the municipal Theater 20C Italian style built in 1903., The former convent of the Cordeliers , Franciscan medieval architecture of Normandy, and the former convent of the Ursulines now a national police hq at corner of rue Edouard Ferray/rue Buzot. The city hall or Hôtel de ville,b. end 19C at the location of the former Château of the Counts of Evreux; the current building built between 1889 and 1895. The Botanical gardens next to the convent of the Capucins ; the bridge or  Pont Eiffel, built for the railroad tracks by Gustave Eiffel in 1886. It is now overpass the streets between rue Pierre Sémard and rue de la Résistance. Very nice quaint medieval streets on the list of National Monuments of France are the boulevard  Chambaudoin and the allée des Soupirs as well as the Place Saint Taurin with very nice tree lined streets.

The city of Evreux on its heritage:

The Eure dept 27 tourist board on Evreux

The Normandie tourist board on Evreux

And there, hope it helps you discovered the real pretty quaint Normandy. And Evreux is one door to it that is worth a detour. Enjoy the post and see you around Evreux one day when possible.

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I visited Evreux in 1979 on a town twinning exchange (Rugby, UK). At a civic reception I had my first taste of caviar and hated it!

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