Chambord at Christmas!

And yes I know is not Christmas time yet, but to us every day is and besides , this is an update from 2019! on the wonderful castle of Chambord Christmas time. It is always a great moment to visit the castles of the Loire and this one particularly as the final home of the Count of Chambord (Duke of Bordeaux heir to the throne of France as Henri V). Let me tell you a bit more on the period of Christmas as for me is any period of the year, and have several posts on the castle in my blog.


Another place that we love to come for Christmas over the years was not far from us and still is like that. We love the region and have come here several times, castles are it but so many will take you a lifetime to see them all. Again, the most famous are in the region known as Centre-Val-de-Loire but there just as famous and good ones in the neighboring region of Pays de la Loire.  However, for Christmas believe deserves a post on its own. This is my take on Chambord at Christmas! Future planning is a must.  Chambord is located in the Loir-et-Cher department no 41, in the Centre-Val de Loire region.   The town is famous for its castle and its fully enclosed park, a national hunting reserve where the presidential hunts take place. The town and the whole territory of the municipality of Chambord are the property of the French Republic administered in the form of a public establishment of industrial and commercial nature name the Domaine de Chambord.

Do come and celebrate Christmas here is really magical and gorgeous place to be at. Celebrate the end of year celebrations in the largest of the Loire castles. Enjoy a magical Christmas at the Château de Chambord . Many animations await you, and I will tell you some.  Before celebrating its fifth centenary, the Château de Chambord has many surprises for you during the holidays.  As each year, the Château de Chambord has concocted a program rich in animations to wait until Christmas and prolong the feast during the holidays. For more than a month, the castle is transformed and wears its winter clothes. Firs trees and decorations come to the castle, from the ground floor to the second floor, passing through the grand staircase with double revolution and the chapel!

On the outside, the magic of Christmas seizes the French gardens with splendid illuminations that accompany the lighting of the facade of the castle. The walkways leading to the entrance will also be transformed with a hundred fir trees that will illuminate at dusk.  In the castle, do not miss the perambulations of the musicians who will punctuate a visit dotted by costumed characters in the style of the 16C. Singing, dancing, and period music. Enjoy an artistic Christmas in the heart of the Sologne. Story tellers readers will come to tell fun and amusing stories for the enjoyment of the youngest. In the warm atmosphere of the rooms on the ground floor, at the fireside, comfortably seated on cushions, they will travel in the fairy tale universe! The children will leave to discover King François I through an exciting exhibition.


Finally, who says Christmas meets Santa Claus! The children can be photographed with the man in red and exchange a few words with him. The external walkways of Chambord are adorned with a hundred illuminated fir trees, which amaze the little ones and families all together. The interior is also dressed in majestic fir trees and a sumptuous decoration. From the ground floor to the first floor, through the entrance porch and the chapel, the visit path is sublimated by the magic of Christmas. The lighting of the French gardens and highlight of the north facade of the castle.


Presentation of firs trees made by prestigious brands on the second floor: elect the most beautiful fir tree among the 20 presented! Traditional wooden games (billiards Louis XIV, Hole-Madame…) and board games. Dance and Song of the Renaissance, wandering of characters in costume, nature animations, coloring, reading tales, meeting with Santa Claus and many other surprises… Except on 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January.


Great new show: “Beauty and the Beast, a new story “. The spectators are transported in the adventures of Princess Laideronnette, cursed by a witch, in search of her beloved. A baroque and wonderful spectacle for young and old in 16C costumes, created especially for the occasion. On stage, actors and musicians to transcribe this fabulous story. The program: Plots, travels, special effect of period, artistic fencing, old music and many other surprises!! Indeed magical in the Castle surroundings!!


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The official Château de Chambord on its Christmas celebrations:

The official Château de Chambord on its events to come:

You will enchanted here at Chambord, and the gardens are recently renovated in 2019. It is gorgeous, and already plenty of events there including an outdoor concert we were. I do buy some wines here especially from nearby Cheverny nice crisp and good value for house wines.

Hope you enjoy the post. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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