Trier’s St Peter’s Cathedral!!

And here I am in my extensive road warrior trips around Europe! This time we were in very familiar territory of Trier in Germany. We have been here several times over the years. One wonderful monument often overlook is the St Peter’s Cathedral of Trier. Let me update this older post to tell you about it. Hope you enjoy it as I.

If you have read my blog, you know Trier or Tréves in French is one of my favorite cities in Europe, small, historical, and beautiful just like I like them most. I have come to Trier in several occasions since 1990, mostly one day two days trips into the city base in Luxembourg city (another favorite). Lately, I have come for vacations in Germany and stayed just outside on the wine areas below it and could come more often to see its beautiful buildings. The history here is huge been considered the oldest city in Germany!  I like to tell you a bit more on one of my favorite monuments here, that is the St Peter’s Cathedral of Trier. This is a huge task so only making some brief entries and the rest is for you to come over, it is a must to visit. again…


St. Peter’s Cathedral in TrierRhineland-Palatinate state, and the seat of the Catholic Diocese of Trier.  Built between 1235 and 1270, it is the oldest Cathedral in Germany. Its multi-secular history is made visible by the assembly, on the facades of the building, of architectural styles of different eras. Its dimensions ,112 meters long by 41 meters wide, make it the most important religious building of Trier. And a must to see while there I say.


A bit of brief history I like

According to medieval traditions dating back to the 9C but not certain, Hélène, the mother of Emperor Constantine, and the future Saint Hélène, would have donated her house from the Roman city of Augusta Treverorum (Trier) to Agritius, the Bishop of Trier. Archaeological excavations have revealed the presence under the Cathedral of dwelling of the Roman aristocracy, one with a painted ceiling (the fresco, now restored, is at the Episcopal Museum). In 310-329, Bishop Agritius built a first basilica, the remains of which are located under the information offices, outside the Cathedral. Bishop Maximin of Trier coordinated the enlargement of this basilica with the construction of what was then the largest religious building in the west of the Roman Empire: on a ground right-of-way four times greater than that of the present Cathedral were built no less than four basilicas, a baptistery and many dependencies. From 340 is built the square building whose walls form the nucleus of the present Cathedral.


The Cathedral of St Peter, was left in ruins by the Franks in the first half of the 5C. The Normans looted and seriously degraded the cathedral in 882. Between 1235 and 1270, the Notre-Dame Church is built on the site of the former southern basilica, which is razed. The cloister also dates from this period. Between 1687 and 1699 it was built the front of the Chapel of the Holy Tunic, precious relic of the Cathedral. Between 1702 and 1708, a sacred chamber is added upstream of the chorus to house the relic. The winter of 1944-1945, the Cathedral, like the rest of the city, is seriously damaged during the fighting for the capture of the city by Allied troops. Between 1960 and 1974, the last renovation work was carried out with the redevelopment of the altar, in accordance with the Liturgy of the II Vatican Council. In 1974, a new altar is consecrated and the Cathedral recommissioned. The beatification of the Franciscan Rosa Flesch , pronounced by Cardinal Meisner, took place in the St Peter’s Cathedral of Trier on 4 May 2008.


The Holy Tunic is preserved in a wooden reliquary dating from 1891, the ensemble being placed in an air-conditioned display case in the Chapel of the Holy Tunic. This Chapel is only accessible once a year, but the sacred garment is not exposed.  There is the tomb of Saint Paulin (see  post) of Trier d. 358 at the crypt. A successor to Maximin, he was with Saint Athanasius, a defender of the Council of Nicée, against the Roman Emperor Constance II.


The St Peter’s Cathedral is huge and beautiful , I just told you a bit more than on previous general posts on Trier, there is lots to see here and it is a must to see while visiting the city or nearby areas! I have several times to Trier, the last we rented housing in the vineyards below Trier. Wonderful experience. Enjoy the St Peter’s Cathedral of  Trier!

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The Trier tourist office on the Cathedral in English:

The Trier’s Cathedral information center in English:

Again, go see it, worth the trip for sure and the city is a delight. Enjoy Trier and its monuments and ambiance!  And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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