Church Notre Dame des Victoires of Angers!!

And here is a wonderful monument that needs to be seen more and maybe off the beaten path in the pretty town of Angers. I am updating an older post with text and links. Hope you enjoy the update on the Church Notre Dame des Victoires of Angers!

So why not Angers, the city has lots of history and wonderful monuments while sitting just at the door of the Loire Valley and its wonderful castles !  Of course, I have written before on Angers just do search in my blog. Today , I like to tell you about a Church, yes just a Church but not just any Church, you know Churches whether you believe who is in it or not, are the real history , and architecture, and customs of a region or country. This is the case with Churches in France in general.  The Church Notre Dame des Victoires of the city of Angers in department 49 Maine et Loire region of Pays de la Loire is located in city center at the Place Louis Imbach.


The Church Notre Dame des Victoires was enlarged, in bad conditions, in 1842. In the 1880’s, the construction of a real Church financed by the bequest of a parishioner, Marie Guitton, died in 1883. But a long court procedure ensued and the bequest was reduced by half. The call to donations was indispensable; the generosity of the parishioners will cover almost half of the expenditure. Nevertheless it was necessary to cut in the project… and the steeple disappeared from the plans.


The Church Notre-Dame-des-Victories is a Romano-Byzantine style church with a very attractive architectural and aesthetic balance, bathed in intense light. Completed in 1904, the church was enriched in the 1930’s and 1940 by the windows of the choir. A voluminous canopy that enshrined the high altar was abolished in the context of the conciliar reform of Vatican II.  In 1841, the parish of the first chapel was affiliated with the archconfraternity of Notre-Dame-des-Victories, created in 1836. In 1960, the church obtained the use of the title of the Immaculate Heart of Mary under the name of Notre-Dame-des-Victories.



An architecture eye from an amateur eye, tell us that the Church of Notre-Dame-des-Victories, is 64 meters long by 25 wide. Its two-colored outward appearance results from the association of Tufa and shale rubble in horizontal sittings.  The nave comprises five spans separated by fairly thin cylindrical columns (60 cm in diameter), extended by three other spans in the chorus. Apart from the capitals with vegetable motifs on their tops, the absence of siding on these columns offers a very pleasant contrast to the ensemble of Byzantine decorations and sculptures of the nave and the choir. This contrast ideally enhances the face of bulging vaults. These vaults, built in Tufa, are called Angevin or Plantagenet style. Finally, the presence of white glass windows in the nave brings a very high brightness to the Church. Thus presented, the Church of Notre-Dame-des-Victories can boast a magnificent balance both architectural, artistic and decorative, as beautiful as the eye can see.  The height of the vault  is 18.50 meters. At the crossroads of the transept, it is 22 meters. The Church has no steeple.  Finally, the frieze that crosses the whole Church at half-height, above the windows, and consisting of interlaces, traces the litany of the Virgin.



The Church Notre-Dame-des-Victories cross is made up of very classical paintings, without great stylistic research. Attention will nevertheless be drawn to the station “Jesus is condemned to death” on the left, recalling what this condemnation represents for the human race. “Who Killed Jesus?” is a common question. Behind the responsibility of the Sanhedrin hide conflicts for power. And this in all civilizations. A true educational story to see and behold.


These are webpages that will help you enjoy this Church fully; it is again worth a detour, even if little is written on it, remains a wonderful off the beaten path find.

The Angers tourist office on things to see, but not this church!

The official webpage of the  Cathedral of Angers (see post) on the heritage/architecture of the Church Notre Dame des Victoires

Again, this is a wonderful monument to see in Angers, off the beaten path, not well represented in tourist sites but worth the detour; you can tell by the pictures above. Hope you enjoy and do visit the Church Notre Dame des Victoires of Angers!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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