Alençon and its Parc des Promenades!

And this one was unexpected came here for other monuments as the castle is in ruins and folks trying to save it as much as possible. However, just around it there is a pretty park that once was bigger and now smaller . This is a nice town with lots of history on it and several posts in my blog. This one is an update from 2018;that I am splitting to tell you exclusively of the park. Hope you enjoy as I. OF course, Alençon, is in the Orne dept 61 of the region of Normandie.

Let me tell you a bit on the Parc des Promenades of Alençon!

Behind the Château des Ducs were the “Petit Parc” of 8 hectares and the “Grand Parc” of 30 hectares that stretched to the forest of Ecouves and today reduced to the Parc des Promenades of 4 hectares (about 10 acres). In the 15-16C, the Dukes of Alençon liked to maintain tame deer and hinds there. In 1676, the Duchess of Guise arrived in Alençon. She had the park razed to the ground, which would become wasteland and then agricultural land.


In August 1773 king Louis XV conceded the land of the large park to the city of Alençon. This will sell plots to develop a residential area and will keep land on which it will have a public park built. The plans for the garden were drawn up by Jean Delarue, an architect who created many monuments in Alençon including the City/Town Hall.

The promenades or walks have the characteristics of a French garden: rows of lime trees, trimmed hornbeam hedges, straight paths and flower beds. They offer large shaded lawns. The Roseraie or rose garden has a part that resembles the English style with its winding paths, very varied plants and a more classic part with beds of many varieties of roses surrounded by boxwood borders.


The municipal council of Alençon approved the construction of a kiosque de musique or bandstand at the Parc des Promenades on the occasion of a major musical competition which took place in the city in 1888. Completed in September 1888, the park’s bandstand covers an area of 67 square meters. It is built on an octagonal stone base. Its metal structure is topped with a slate roof.

The parc can be access via Rue Balzac,rue Candie and Rue Albert 1er as well as from the parking on Place Foch.

A bit more on the city of Alençon parks and garden webpage:

Hope you enjoy this nice natural walk in a pretty garden, we make time to see them as in this one, history is hidden on all of them in my belle France. Enjoy Alençon a nice town in Normandie!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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