Basilica San Juan de los Lagos!!

And on my going into other areas of Mexico I came to this town in the State of Jalisco, and saw a wonderful basilica in San Juan de los Lagos ,that I like to update in this post. Hope you enjoy it as I do

This is one Latin American country that I have visited extensively from afar back as 2000, and have family there in Yucatàn region today. Many mention the risks but if careful you can manage it, locals do take precautions as well so why not you. I have enjoyed all my trips there.  I like to tell you about a main religious center very popular with all Mexicans but especially those from the north Jalisco especially.  This is the Basilica Church of San Juan de los Lagos.


While around the town of Tepatitlan de Morelos (see post) , locals drove me to San Juan de los Lagos Basilica and it was fantastic experience. It was a prayer day and the Basilica was full, and it was impressive to see the faithful there, a very moving experience.  However, let me tell you a bit more about this town and Basilica.

San Juan de los Lagos is located northwest of the state of Jalisco at 150 Km from Guadalajara. It is considered the most important tourist center of the area because it is the second point of attraction for the religious Tourism of Mexico and one of the main Marian shrines in Latin America, since here is one of the images venerated by the Catholics faithful.

The town was founded in 1542 by Fray Miguel of Bologna, the indigenous people of San Juan Bautista Mezquititlán today San Juan de los Lagos, where a hermitage was built with hospital, in this place it left the image of the Virgin of the Conception, elaborated a heart of a mixture ground cane with certain bulbs called   talzingen. During the 18C and 19C the city acquired great economic importance due to the demand for services and commercial activity venerated by the thousands of pilgrims. This boom, coupled with the growing presence of the structure of ecclesiastical authority, led to the construction of several buildings and houses that today have an important architectural and historical value. San Juan de los Lagos after Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, is the largest tourism registered in the state of Jalisco.

The architecture of the Basilica is rich and varied some points I like on it briefly.

The High Altar, in the center is located the baldachin of large dimensions, conformed by four columns of African salmon marble that holds a semicircular entablature and on this one vault of a quarter of mat, that is framed with a beautiful arch of half point of wavy and ornamented profile with phytomorphic elements, in the part inside a thin molding of ovals and darts. All this in white Carrara marble. In the center of the arch as a key a cross, and under it a cartridge with the monogram of the Virgin Mary. On the ledge of the entablature lie on the inside two beautiful little angels of Black Broce on a cloud that hold in their hands a beautiful crown, which is said to have been fused in France by the known sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, who made the Statue of Liberty of New York. At the sides of the baldachin framed with a rectangular molding that serves as background and standing on huge corbels, are the sculptural images of Saint Joachim on the left, and Saint Anne on the right.


Inside the Baldachin is located the tabernacle that keeps the splendid image of the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, niche of very beautiful manufacture of circular plant supported by eight semi coupled columns of ionic order, with rebounds in the axes of the columns and on these, pairs of crown-shaped auctions; The tabernacle is covered with a sloped front, made in silver, culminating in the high with the symbolic figure resplendent in the Holy Spirit.

The Virgin de San Juan de los Lagos is of Indìan manufacture, made of pasta of corn in Patzcuaro, Michiocàn., the portrays of the clean conception of Our Lady of San Juan, measures 38 cm and represents Mary standing, with the face a little inclined in prayer and with the hands together before the chest , dressed in blue and a crescent at her feet. The bottom of the body is stored in a glass, the portrays is wrapped in tùnicas linen interiors, which puts a dress of rich fabric with an opening done by leaving the hands, closes with button at the top, under the neck. Her silk tresses, overlapping the gilding of the sculpture, spreads on the shoulders of fine pearls and rich tendrils of gold with precious stones. Both the Tùnica and the mantle can be brocades, apricots, tisù, maorè or silk, with exquisite embroideries or gallons of gold or silver, with inlays of gemstones.


In 1990, Pope John Paul II came as a pilgrim and offered Mass to a crowd of six million! And that is me in front of the statue of Pope John Paul II done as a thank to his visit on the side of the Basilica.  A prayer says;  For your clean conception and unsurpassed beauty, cover us with your mantle, blessed Mother of St. John (San Juan).


The Basilica is on a great square: The Plaza de Armas or Rita Pérez de Moreno Civic Plaza is in the center of the city. It was built in the 18C, and later modified. In the center, there is a Monument to Independence, erected in 1872. It consists of a thin column supported by a base which has four dragon figures. At the top, there is marble sculpture of a woman holding a laurel crown. The monument stand in the center of a large circular fountain.


Some webpages to help you plan your visit here are

The tourist office of San Juan de los Lagos on the Basilica:

Official diocese of San Juan de los Lagos in Spanish:

There you go a beauty up Jalisco, Mexico, you should see the country, it has a lot more than tourist beach spots. Hope you enjoy San Juan de los Lagos as I did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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