The markets of Rouen!!!

And here is another memorable post that I am revising and updating links. When we lived in Versailles we used to come here a lot as was closer. Even for lunch lol! and take a walk around the city of Rouen! One of the spots my dear late wife Martine love were the markets. Therefore ,here is my update on the markets of Rouen!!!

As I told you we have been coming here for a long time, maybe since 1990, and always enjoyed it. I like the history of it, and the quant streets, the architecture and the people. I have come to see the Champion of France in baseball the Rouen Huskies and Vice Champion of Europe! and to enjoy on its wonderful old restaurants. However, what my dear late wife Martine enjoyed most was the markets of Rouen.

It is wonderful to have these great places surrounded by truly amazing history and great architecture. And of course, the products are delicious.  Let me tell you briefly on them,  but first some important webpages to help you your visit.

The city of Rouen on our favorite markets; first Saint Marc, and then the Place du Vieux Marché:

And the same from the Rouen tourist office on the Saint Marc and the Place du Vieux Marché:

A bit on where they are,starting with the precious marché du Vieux Marché at Place du Vieux Marché. The most favorite of all there!

The Old Market square,or place du Vieux Marché  located at the West end of the rue d’Horloge and not far from the big clock, there are several houses half-timbered or corbelled, whose large part actually consists of old façades done to  this place. It housed the Church Saint-Sauveur who was destroyed in 1793 but including the foundations were identified during the renovation of the square. Church Sainte-Jeanne of Arc  bold and disputed architecture allows you to admire the stained glass windows of the old Church of Saint-Vincent, formerly located at the bottom of the rue Jeanne d’Arc  and destroyed in 1944. Its appearance evokes both a viking ship and a fish. It was inaugurated on May 27, 1979 by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, president of the French Republic.


The fame of the place is related to the torture of Joan of Arc who was burnt alive on May 30, 1431. The place of public executions with the pillory and the firewall to the pyres was exhumed at the same time as the foundations of the Church of Saint-Sauveur.  Until 2012, a Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) Museum located south of the place, near “the oldest Inn of France”, recounted her life. The place was also the site of the executions until 1836, and wholesale market  until 1969, time of the creation of the market as we know it today.

A small market is always running on a Hall with  ironwork covered with slates as the adjoining Church and which evoke the waves of the ocean.  Until 1944 there was the Theatre-Français, bombed and replaced in 1960 by modern buildings with half-timbered facades from the 17C at  two steps from the  square, 6 rue de la Pie , is the birthplace of Pierre Corneille which became a museum dedicated to the writer.  There is an underground parking as well as a station Cy’ click (bikes).

Another one we like and enjoyed is at the Saint Mark’s square or Place Saint Marc  located in the Saint-Marc – Croix de  Pierre – Saint-Nicaise district. The name is taken from a Chapel which was  settled by  the Cordeliers in 1228, before being transferred in 1255 to St. Clement Church. The Chapel of St. Mark, close to the Aubette, is burned down before 1342 and rebuilt in 1435. The Clos Saint-Marc was part of the fiefdom of the Lords of the Tot, who had the right to hold a market. In 1794, the clos Saint-Marc is called the Clos des Volontieres or Volunteers. In a miserable area, the field was cleared and transformed into a place planted with trees and filled with fountains, which hosts the market from 1837. In 1846, the cabins are built to house the merchants. The place is connected to the docks by the opening of the rue  Armand Carrel in 1844 the place is renowned for its vast market, especially the Sunday bringing together traders from first and second-hand dealers. There is also a shopping center (Intermarché). Concerts take place here on the terraces on Thursday. There is an underground car park as well as a station Cy’ click (bikes).

The market here is an institution. The Marché de Saint Marc or St.-Marc  Market, one of the largest of the region ,very busy on the big square of the historical center  four days a week: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fruits, vegetables, textiles and second-hand dealers, particularly in summer, the terraces  fill up at eye sight, as soon as the Sun made its appearance. Grey weather, the market may hold some surprises. Installed  in the Place Saint Marc , since the first half of the 19C, the market spread under and between the halls. Sunday is the day of choice to meet a maximum of small producers. Many growers alongside the cheese makers, butchers, fishmongers in the region… The non-food side, the second-hand dealers hold an important place. Here and there, we meet also a merchant of flowers or a shoe merchant installed in front of a seller of… socks.


On the city and tourist webpage of Rouen,  above you have other markets as well and the ones by rue Eugéne Boudin are good too . The two above are simply above and beyond any even in the region, these are tops. Worth a detour and spend easily a morning on each.

Hope it helps your shopping pleasures in Rouen, in  the Seine Maritime dept 76 of the region of Normandy.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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