Mayenne a town in the Mayenne!!!

And here I am updating, revising, changing/adding pictures to older posts in order to bring them to date. As said, it has been an immence joy to do this and be able to see wonderful family travels comes to life again. And thank you for following me up on this dear task. Today, let me bring you to Mayenne a town in the Mayenne!!! As such I have other posts on this city in my blog and more pictures.

Again the need to go out into my belle France, and especially near my area in Bretagne. This time went a bit further into departément 53 , Mayenne is the city of the same name as the department, and I go by here a lot on my rounds, but decided to come with the family on a wonderful 14th of February. Happy Valentine’s to all! The Mayenne is in the region of Pays de la Loire.

The city of Mayenne was part of the  province of the Maine before the French revolution and later split into two départements of the Mayenne and Sarthe.  The city now has no train service but from Laval, and bus service between the two. We went there by car on the N24 past Rennes on the N157 that becomes D57 and goes direct into Mayenne. We park by the Remparts parking just behind the Hôtel de Ville. Sundays are free.

The main to see here is the river banks of the Mayenne river , now it was a bit overflowing, the Castle and the Basilica of Notre Dame des Miracles. Some other interesting buildings such as the Theater, and the Pont (J.D. )Mac Racken,(see post)  a bridge named after the American soldier who save it from explosion by throwing himself of the detonation that allow allies troops mostly American to cross and chase the Nazis further. In memoriam , the bridge is named after him. Also, the Hôtel Chappedelaine  and the Hôtel Montpinçon both at Place de Cheverus.


The Basilica Notre-Dame-des-Miracles (see post) is from the 12,16,and 19C with a nice interior statue of the Our Lady of Miracles Inside and very nice high vaulted ceilings and chapels. The stained glass were completely destroyed during bombings of WWII and now redone dates from 1952 to 1962. They depict the story of the mysteries of the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The castle museum (see split post) now host a nice museum and the castle is from the 10C and onwards. We went around it as this month is closed.  They do temp expositions and events. In addition, you can go and see the wonderful terrace and garden in the back thru a steep street on the side and up the stairs, nice view of the city and a quiet family place with children playground and a music kiosk house.





The tourist office of Mayenne on the castle museum:

In all , a nice city of Mayenne in the Mayenne dept 53 to stop by on your rounds in Pays de la Loire region and visiting a smallish town for the real feel of France. I will continue to pass by it and did.

And remember happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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