Bucharest , just fine!!!

And I need to revise text and update this memorable visit even if most of the pictures are already in other posts. I have been to Romania about 7 times in the last 9 years and all this time spent time in Bucharest as in and out city. I like to tell you a bit on this visit in January 2015. Hope you enjoy it as I do.

I had a quick trip again here, and again on a cold rainy , drizzle days in Bucharest the feeling was good. A vibrant youthful, active city and pack all over even the hotel was packed. I flew my usual run Nantes, CDG T2, Otopeni Bucharest airport known also as Henri Coanda on AF both ways.

For reference the Bucharest airport webpage: http://www.bucharestairports.ro/en


I took the shuttle ride for 20 euros nice new car English speaking driver good conversation about the city ins and out..This was pre arranged through the hotel. The trip was both in and out . I stayed at the Ramada Plaza hotel, about 6 km from the old city center but nice places to go around there too and the hotel is full of amenities, TV international channels, heated indoor pool, massages, gym room, business center. A great restaurant Le Parc and a nice bistro bar Red Pepper and the bar with large bar counter call Anais. I have stayed here several times over the next years.

Again for reference the Ramada Plaza Hotel webpage: https://ramadaplazabucharest.ro/

Buca Ramada Parc Hotel ent apr13

I  saw lots of construction as the city is undergoing modernisation with a new underground road to the airport into the city center, and additional metro /subway/tube lines such as M4 under construction.

While eating other than at the Le Parc hotel resto, I went out with friends to first dinner at the Caru cu Bere beer restaurant with old world decoration near the National Bank building of Romania. The building is neo gothic located at Stavropoleos street across from Calea Victoriel street the famous city center of Bucharest.  The National Bank here was built in 1884-1890 at the location of the largest inn in Bucharest the, Serban Voda Inn, and you still see traces of it under a small pedestrian area behind the bank covered in glass. Here we had traditional Romanian food with sausages, hams, pork meats, and nice home grown beer. webpage: https://www.carucubere.ro/

Next for lunch the following day we went to the City 18 Lounge on top 18th floor of the Millenium building. It has a 15 meters long bar, and tables all around with wonderful views of the city and the lake Herastrau. Open Mondays to Fridays from 12 noon  until 16h is lunch, then  closed until 18h when it opens again, Saturday and Sunday no menu direct from carte. Here we had a leek soup, and then pork spare ribs in a romanian sauce with Calsberg beer. Great business and romantic place packed with locals and visitors alike. The views alone are worth coming here.  webpage: https://www.18lounge.ro/

The Romanian travel board on Bucharesthttp://romaniatourism.com/bucharest.html

There is more in the horizon, of these quick escapades all over and we began planning our long summer vacation. Enjoy Bucharest for now just fine.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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