And one more time in Cuenca our main city home base!

And again revising updating these wonderful travel places so dear to my family. They deserve more views and Cuenca is sentimental to us!! Castilla La Mancha region that is!

And on our second weekend to keep it low and relax we stuck around our area where we rented a rural house in Las Majadas (casa Pitu) in the Serrania de Cuenca mountains at about 36 kms to Cuenca where we descended several times. See previous posts on Cuenca and Las Majadas.

Now we came down early and we saw a nice spectacle on the road down the mountains; we have seen goats, wild pigs, cerfs, and cows on the side. This time there were two cows right on the road blocking our access!!! So how to get them to move lol!!! When I klaxon they just look at me like we are here and you wait ::) finally after some minutes that seems like an eternity one of the cows moved to the edge of the road and we were able to pass by the other one that just stood there on the road looking at us wow!!! It was very funny could be worse…. We move on.


We went down to city center by the now repeated trip on the road into city center.  We came into the stream of the river Jùcar that passes by the city and the Church of Virgen de la Luz, dating from the 16C .  This Church is famous for housing the Black Virgin.


There is a curiosity that we did not took the bait for it but maybe interested for others, the Tuneles Alfonso VIII. These are underground passages showing life as it was in the time ,and serve as refuge during the Spanish Civil War. It has 90 meters long by 250 square meters of space with three entry points; the main at the street of same name Calle Alfonso VIII.  On this street you can ,also, admire great architecture as on the houses or casa de los Clemente Aróstegui from the 17C,with a facade adapted to the curve of the street; casa del Corregidor, with a palace like facade and on the back gives way to the neighborhood of (Barrio) de San Marín; and the casa de los Mendoza, that now houses the museum Museo de las Ciencias de Castilla-La Mancha.


The rio Jùcar passing thru the city and the life of promenades in the shade very nice. It goes around the town up to the mountains and where we stayed.

We came looking for the Torre Mangana tower and we did! This is a huge tower on the upper part of the city.  The tower is from 1565 and the clock and Cross were added in 1532. This clock mark the official time of Cuenca even today! There is ongoing excavations below it closed to the public, as  the base of the tower on the plaza de Mangana,was where the neighoborhood of Arabs and later the Jewish quarter in medieval times and finally the Christian area of  Santa María(Saint Mary).


Of course, we cannot go down to the town for the whole day and don’t eat. So lunch we had at Bar Cafe Martina on the pedestrian nice city center street of Calle Carreteria. This is a local joint very friendly nice and the price right. We had our usual beers Under a umbrella canopy in the middle of the street,and had our omelettes, chorizos, and croquettes all good for about 8€ per person. It is unique the Spanish version of the name of my dear late wife Martine. We had lots of beautiful memories here even in next year together.





Nice town, Cuenca Unesco historical site, and easy in and out on the road A40 of Castilla La Mancha!.

The tourist office of Cuenca

Again, Cuenca is special and so is Castilla La Mancha been the last vacations we spent together as a family with my dear late wife Martine. We came back last in 2017 as a family together. Hope you enjoy the post as I do writing it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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