Our home base Las Majadas, Casa Pitu!!!

Again working right along updating, revising my older post from 2016. We finally arrive in our home base of Las Majadas ,in the Serrania de Cuenca mountains on a house 1400 meters or 6600 feet high in the mountain, name Casa Pitu. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!


Just to say it has been our best vacation ever to this point, but came back again and again! Not only because the location was great, the house fanstastic with all the trimming ,and the price right, but the host Luis and Ma Isabel were fantastic beyond the call of duty to make our stay a wonderful one full of great memories and even friendship. You will do well to rent from them in the future as we will definitively look forward to another opportunity.

The house was golden stone with great insulation could hardly feel hot inside without AC. It was fully stock with cleaning materials, and cooking utensils pans etc; some goodies like butter available and the owners brought sweets and a bottle of wine! The Casa Pitu webpage: http://www.casapitu.es/





We arrive on an earlier Saturday so the first thing after the great welcome by the owner hosts, we headed for the big town of Cuenca, UNESCO historical town, in search of………….food! groceries to stock our house. We found our favorite French chain Auchan which in Spain are call AlCampo (literal translation) on a shopping center right in town outskirst. webpage: https://www.alcampo.es/empresa/tienda/cuenca


There we did our groceries and found upon recommendation by the house owners a wonderful bakery call Pasteleria Ruiz which we stock up on sweets, goodies! Later, they had another store in city center ! We could not confirm still there now, but still at Calle Carreteria in city center. webpage: https://www.confiteriaruiz.com/?v=04c19fa1e772


Once well stock we took a walk in the town, passing to get some fresh bread Sunday morning at bakery Los Gemelos (twins) Calle  Atanasio Lasso,7 , next year we came in they were no longer open unfortunately; with friendly local flavor. Took a walk around the Iglesia Senora del Sagrario (Church notre dame of the Tabernacle) ;webpage from Castilla La Mancha tourist board: http://en.www.turismocastillalamancha.es/patrimonio/iglesia-de-nuestra-senora-del-sagrario-en-las-majadas-90164/descripcion/



The small park by the avenida de la constitucion where we came in and out each day, and there is the bus stop for connection with Cuenca.  Just for info. the Rubiocar bus company does the run get schedules here: https://www.rubiocar.com/es/comprar-billete-bus

We pay a visit to the local bar cafe in plaza Mayor, and had our first cold beer Mahou Cinco Estrellas (five stars) real Madrid beer for you; serve with sardines in olive oïl as a tapa. The name Restaurant Los Callejones.Webpage: http://www.hostalloscallejones.com/index.htm


And we rest ready to hit for the first day , my Madrid. Stay tune for more lol!!!A super vacation with the family always to be remembered and now as my dear late wife Martine, the memories will run forever! Of course, we took some pictures of our home base house for the souvenirs that will last a long time. Indeed ,it was a wonderful mountain experience unique owners,and great all around family vacation, the best so far!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers!!!

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