Cuenca is quant and an Unesco world heritage site!!!

And I continue my black and white revision and even with some pictures not repeated, me hope . I bring you to my lovely stayed in historical beautiful Cuenca in the region of Castilla La Mancha. Hope you enjoy reviewing these wonderful trips with me; thanks.

And following our blazing trails on the road in my beloved Spain, we came down from the mountains of the Serrania de Cuenca to the town of Cuenca, a world heritage site by Unesco.  This is the biggest town near our rental house, so for leisure walks and shopping this is it before going up to the mountain home every day.

We drove into the town with our big Kuga into very narrow and steep streets but that was the fun of it. Parking was precious so we continue climbing up in town! until finally finding a spot by the Arco de Bezudo in the Castillo or castle now in ruins with ramparts where you can see the whole town and beyond .

The castle dates from the 13C and large parts of its walls are still visible as well as the wonderful Arco de Bezudo that you can climb for wonderful views below; it is now the site of the ministry of culture of the region of Castilla la Mancha where Cuenca is a province and Capital city of same name.



Coming downward you first see on your left the Church of San Pedro (St Peter) going down on Calle Trabuco. You come into the Colegio de los Jesuitas from the 16C (jesuit college). Further find the Church of San Nicolas 13/14C. On your left side further down you come to the old cementary , there is a statue sitting there in the middle now, and to the side there is a restaurant!

We took the bus Line 2 !! yes we did!! from the castle to the outside of town on the shopping center or centro comercial El Mirador where there some stores ,an Eroski hypermarket (now closed there is a Carrefour) and the cheapest gasoline in the area at 0,9899 euro!! . We took the bus back into city center, and then wandered into the town hilly streets and downtown or city center/centre ville shopping districts where our sons loaded up on DVD/CD/Video games on the CEX exchange store.



We walked past the nice Diputados provincial building or the regional government where our house owner worked as secretary!  And, right around it there was the Cafeteria Boni with terrace sitting that is set up in the parque/Jardines de San Juliàn by Calle Caballeros.  The service and food was good but it was the most expensive experience in the trip! Only 15.90€ per person for arroz a la Cubana, small  steaks, fries, omelettes, croquettes of ham and cheese, and beers for all.

We continue our walks into the valleys below such as the Hoz de Jucàr very nice views indeed; walking more we came into the Church de Santa Cruz.  Right there is the Theater but just looking above it into the mountains you see a huge Christ statue very nice indeed.

Now we are walking again, heading for the most famous monument in Cuenca, the Casas Colgadas or hanging houses. First, you need to cross the bridge or Puente de San Pablo to get a good look at the best preserve house. As you come back into town you past by the Museo Abstracto de Arte Contemporario or contemporary abstract arts museum. You see the treasury museum of the Cathedral and the Casa del Rey (King’s house); come into the side of the Cathedral into Plaza Mayor see the equestrian statue of king Alphonso VIII of Castile.  Next building is the Episcopal Palace attach to the back of the Cathedral.

Then, you see the next famous building here, the Cathedral of Santa Maria y San Juliàn (St Mary and St Julien) where we walked back up to Castillo parking to get our car and came back to our  mountain house. One day at a time easy does it in Spain, where everything is Under the Sun…..

There is more to see in Cuenca and we will be back later on with our blazing trails in Spain.

The tourist office of Cuenca

And there you go folks, a wonderful town to do on foot up and down with gorgeous architecture and great historical stories. This is Cuenca, our second home away from home! Hope you enjoy the ride as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Cuenca is one of my favourite places in Spain and I will tell you why. In 2009 I decided that I needed to see the real Spain and go inland from the Costas. I flew to Madrid, stayed in a hotel in the town of Belmonte and visited the city of Cuenca. I was forever hooked on Spain.

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