Exotic Indonesia, Asia here I come !!

In my continuing saga on the black and white syndrome to update my older posts with new text leaving the photos for the individual entries already done in my blog; I take you to Indonesia!

Well Asia, it was so far,and my only attempt there was to Taipei back in 2002 to see some engineering project on computers parts. Now having the opportunity to go back to Asia this time Indonesia.

Even if briefs stays of one week , and couple times two weeks, it allowed me to see another part of the world that I am not familiar with sort of like beginning to travel again. And that’s always interesting indeed.

My  trip  was in Indonesia, visiting the cities of Surabaya and Jakarta for a grand total of one week back in 2013. I went from Nantes Atlantique airport connecting at Roissy CDG , flight with a stop at Chiangi airport Singapore and continuing  to Surabaya and then a domestic fly to Jakarta. Back from Jakarta to Singapore, CDG and Nantes again. My car was left for a week at the outdoor airport parking and it took me three tries to get it started!!!, I thought the cold and humidity had it done, but my Ford came back to life and it’s fine now.  Thereafter, parked in the covered parking ok….

I always like to read and become acquainted with the places I visit to did a bit of homework on Indonesia. Briefly here

Indonesia it is said to have 17 000 island with the most famous been that of Bali. The name of Indonesia comes from the Latin and Greek Indus and the Greek Nesos meaning island. The country has 34 provinces, of which I visited Java and East Java, whre the majority are. It has 240 million people of which there are over 300 ethnic people and about 742 languages and dialects. The official language that unites the country is Bahasa an standarized Malay language, and on business it is very much controlled by Chinese ethnic groups. It is a Republic with open religious beliefs ,however, sharia laws are common and Islam is predominantly even if not officially a islamic state and recognise these religions Islam, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

Surabaya is the first port harbor of the country, and an important commercial center. It was founded in 1293 and Surabaya comes from suro, « shark » and buaya, « crocodile ». The leyend has it that these two animals fought for control of the region and are represented in the coat of arms emblem of the city shown at the monument Tugu Pahlawan. Its airport is call Juanda, second in the country behind Jakarta.  Smallish but nice way around fun to be by there first.

The offiicial Juanda airport site here in English: https://www.juanda-airport.com/en

The official Surabaya tourist office in English: http://www.surabayatourism.com/

Jakarta, is of course the Capital of the country since its independance from Holland. Founded by the Dutch as Batavia in 1619.  The airport is name Soekarno-Hatta, opened in  1985, and named after Soekarno the first President of Indonesia and Hatta the first VP. They were the ones who gain independance from Holland in 1945. It is a huge metropolis with lots of traffic that I enjoyed been ridden around…

The official Jakarta airport in English: https://soekarnohatta-airport.co.id/

The tourist office of Jakarta in English: http://jakarta-tourism.go.id/visit/

I stayed at two really nice hotels that I can only recommend to all, the one in Surabaya is a bit off the center but on the main road to airport.  It has become part of another group with a new name, it used to be Somerset  Hotel and Residences and now is the Verwood Hotel and serviced residences, always stayed at the same hotel. webpage here: http://www.verwoodhotel.com/

I had all our meals in the hotel of Surabaya, as the service, food, and convenience was great. I did venture out to eat at BonCafe, Jalan Gubeng Raya 44-46. It is a great place for families and nice prices in buffet style or order from the menu. The fish dish was great ,good service, nice ambiance,and great prices. However, I am told it has closed, here just for the memories and update.

The one in Jakarta was the first ever hotel stayed there thereafter it has been several others , (see posts). This one was off the center to avoid the heavy traffic there. The amenities and food was excellent, not to mention the personal service. The budget is good for all. Hotel Santika webpage: https://www.mysantika.com/indonesia/jakarta/hotel-santika-taman-mini-indonesia-indah/

My historical cultural knowledge was by going briefly to this museum right outside my Hotel Santika, Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi (see post) , the  museum specialized on the life of Suharto, former second president of Indonesia andn a powerful political figure in modern Indonesia.  The museum houses and displays the large amount of Suharto’s collections; mostly valuable objects, artworks and souvenirs, received from various world leaders and Indonesian people, accumulated during the 32 years of his administration in Indonesia. The museum is a modern building with design took shape of tumpeng , a traditional Javanes cone-shaped rice, symbolized gratitude.

The museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi site in basara language: http://www.tamanmini.com/pesona_indonesia/

In all a very brief instroduction to Indonesia ,but a very well received visit, from very nice friendly people. One more spot on the globe map for me, and one more place in the world to look forward to come back. And I did 7 times!!!  Enjoy Indonesia!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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