Rouen and its Cathedral!

So here I am back with old photos from my vault given them new life in my blog for the memories, the happy times, and arts, architecture and history of my belle France. Again ,I have written before but with new text and photo I need to tell you about it.

I love Rouen, been there several times and several posts in my blogs. It was the city we visit to see its architecture and history, and great food eateries, but , also, to see its great baseball team that we follow, the Rouen Huskies!

I have found an old photo of a wonderful huge place we love and written before, the Notre Dame Cathedral of Rouen! This time the photo is the Chapel of the Virgin!!!

Rouen is in department Seine-Maritime or No 76 in the region of Normandie. It is the seat of the bishop of the region, and the city is a Legion d’Honneur recipient of France.  The Seine river flows thru it just like Paris, and in it lie the ashes of Jeanne d’Arc!.

You get here by car on the A13 autoroute de Normandie from Paris direction Rouen. Very easy, the best parking is at the vieux marché or the place St Marc both around a lovely lively markets or marché.  The trains come from Paris gare st lazare into the Rouen train station or gare rive droite at place Bernard Tissot,that you can walk about 10-15 mins into city center. No need for public transport in the city, walk it this is the best way to see its marvels

The Cathédrale Notre Dame de Rouen, is a marvel, its gothic architecture inspired Claude Monet, with an arrow as high as 151 meters (498 ft), the highest in France. Stained glass of splendors but also, about 70 sculpture figures of about 20-30 meters high done between 1362-1421. The tour Saint Romain of 77 meters high (254 ft)  at the north face and the tour de Beurre of 80 meters 264 ft)  in its south face. Just a marvel inside too.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral, officially the primatial Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral of Rouen, is the most prestigious monument in the city of Rouen. It is the seat of the archdiocese of Rouen, capital of the ecclesiastical province of Normandy. The Archbishop of Rouen bearing the title of Primate of Normandy, his cathedral thus has the rank of Primate. It is a construction of Gothic architecture whose first stones date back to the High Middle Ages. It has the particularity, rare in France, of keeping its archiepiscopal palace and the surrounding ancillary buildings dating from the same period.

rouen cat notre dame nave to organ oct08

The chapel of the Virgin or axial chapel of the cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin. It is made up of three straight spans and a five-sided apse. It was completed between 1305 and 1311 At its apse is an altar and an altarpiece in carved and gilded wood by Jean Racine offered by the Brotherhood of the Blessed Virgin to adorn the axial chapel. They are embellished with an oil on canvas by Philippe de Champaigne (1629), the Adoration of the Shepherds the bays which have stained-glass windows from the 14-15C are punctuated by bundles of fine columns that support the arches The stained-glass windows of the bedside come from of the Saint-Vincent church destroyed in 1944 (WWII), to replace those of the apse of the chapel which disappeared in the 19C consacred at the Nativity and at the coronation of the Virgin The north and south stained glass windows, representing the holy bishops of Rouen To the north, are presented in the first window Saint Marcellin, Saint Maurice, Saint Silvestre and Saint Eusebius The second window welcomes Saint Ouen, Saint Ansbert, Saint Godard and Saint Godard The windows to the south represent in the first Saint Roman, Saint Evodus, Saint Victrice and Saint Innocent and in the second saint Prétextate, saint Maurille, saint Rémi and saint Hugues.


Many tombs adorn the Chapelle de la Vierge, the monumental mausoleum of the cardinals of Amboise, The recumbent figure of the cardinal prince de Croy, archbishop of Rouen, sculpted in 1856. The tomb of Louis de Brézé (d 1531), seneschal of Normandy, in alabaster, black and white marble this tomb made between 1536 and 1544 on the order of Diane de Poitiers his wife, l’Enfeu de Pierre de Brézé and his wife Jeanne du Bec-Crespin, in a flamboyant style from the end of the 15C.

The official webpage of the Cathedral of Rouen

The tourist office of the city of Rouen on the Cathedral:

This is a city to walk in its history and architecture superbe examples of my belle France over the centuries. The chapelle de la Vierge is awesome, a must just to see it alone. Hope you enjoy this update on one of the emblematic monument of my France, the Notre Dame Cathedral of Rouen.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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