Vannes:Music convervatory by the port!

And here I am in my beloved Vannes again. The capital city of the Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne. I work not far from city center on the outskirts in a ruin castle from 1504! However, lived about 30 minutes from it nevertheless ,believe spent more time here than anywhere else. This is a city untouch by the events of wars so original!

I have have touch base on the music conservatory before but not enough me think. So some extra photos and a real post on a wonderful monument of Vannes. Here is my take on it, hope you enjoy it.

I always get a glimpse on the conservatory of music in le Port harbor area in Vannes. The architecture attracts my eye each time. One of the nice things to see in Vannes even if not a tourist site per se, entrance for a peek is allowed. The conservatoire de musique as well as théatre et arts plastiques . Founded on the convent of the Carmelites. At least, most is preserved now for all to enjoy the view over the harbor.


The Conservatoire de Musique or Music Conservatory is a conservatory with departmental influence and controlled by the State. It is financed by the city of Vannes, the general council of Morbihan and the regional council of Brittany.

It sits first as a Carmelite convent in Vannes been the first house of the Order of Carmel in Brittany, which was not yet part of the kingdom of France. Founded in 1425 by Duke Jean IV of Brittany, it was followed, some forty years later in 1463 by the first female Carmelite in Brittany, founded by the Duchess Françoise d’Amboise, widow of Duke Pierre II.


Eventually, here , the land was donated at the beginning of the 17C to the Discalced Carmelites by Jean Morin (the president of the Presidial) and his wife Jeanne Huteau. The monks built a first church there in 1629, then, the following year, the first convent buildings, including the monks’ outbuildings and a cloister. Noting architectural weaknesses at the start of the 18C, the decision was taken to demolish and then rebuild the church on the same site. This second construction was completed in 1737; the choir was also rebuilt in 1865. Seized during the French revolution, when it is no longer occupied that by only 12 religious, it passed through several hands, it ended up being acquired by the city of Vannes. The city set up a museum there until 1945, then a college (middle school). It changed destination one last time, when the National Music School moved there in 1981.


The city of Vannes on the history of the convent of Carmelites now conservatory of music in French here: City of Vannes on the convent of Carmelites

Thanks to the artistic workshops and the conservatory, the city of Vannes offers you a wide choice of disciplines, such as music, theater, singing, plastic arts, etc. to study throughout the year and whatever your level.   For many, the conservatory trains future music professionals. This is partly true, but the students who want to obtain the musical studies diploma giving access to higher education represent only 1% of the graduates. The leisure practice is largely the majority   The average annual price of a course is 350 €. It is not more expensive than some sports clubs. The viola da gamba and the harpsichord are the most popular lessons for young people. Overall, the guitar and piano lessons are always the most in demand. As told by the Director of the Conservatory.

For a beginner musician, they offer two hours of lessons each week: one hour of practice of the instrument with, since this return, a share of collective learning to have fun together , and one hour of musical training during which yuo learn the grammar of music, the rhythm, etc. The objective is to make the pupil autonomous.


The city of Vannes on the shops ateliers of the Conservatory of Music in French here: City of Vannes on the conservatory of music ateliers

Further, by the Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the Carmelite auditorium with a nice picture only by those there as not open to the public in French here: Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on auditorium of Carmelites

And there you go folks, another dandy monument in my dandy capital city of Vannes. The Conservatory of Music is worth going in even if just to look at wonderfully preserved for all. Hope you enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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