Getting around Cholet!

So , we decided to re-visit Cholet in the département no. 49 of the Maine-et-Loire in the région of Pays de la Loire. This is a historical town of very much links to the Vendéen wars against the French revolution. In what was the Anjou area. It is a very pleasant town and plenty to see and of course great walking

And as usual, I went by auto; taken the N165 direction Nantes hooking up direct to the N844  direction Poitiers/Angers ,on exit sortie 44 porte de Vignobles  linking with the N249 direction Poitiers  exit 38 and into the D753 that takes you into Cholet Centre or city  center. However, before going into city center we got around and parked first off street parking at Bd Guy Chouteau to see a church (more of this later) and then move on to the covered market by place du Huit Mai 1945 square (more of this later) and then move on for lunch by the Place Travot (more of this later). In all very easy by car and walks on site to minimize fatigue. In and out of Cholet is very easy.

Other parkings are Arcades Rougé (see shopping center post), Travot and Mondement, as well as closed parkings of Prisset, Mail , and Turpault. However, the covered market or Les Halles is a very good spot to park as well when the market is not on.

There is a bus terminal or Gare Routiére at Boulevard du Général Faidherbe, the local network here Choletbus : Choletbus network of buses


However, right by rue Travot next to the Hôtel de Ville agglo and Parc François Tharreau (more of this later) you have an excellent bus depot of lines 1-6 and others passing by which we saw but of course never tried it. Just for information.

cholet gare routiere hotel de ville depot jul20

The train station or Gare de Cholet located at 2 place du 77eme Régiment d’Infanterie. It has been totally re done and it looks very modern with all amenities of course never tried it here. Just for information.


More on these official webpages :

Gare SNCF of Cholet: Gare de Cholet train station

TER trains on CholetTER Pays de la Loire on Cholet


The Nantes Atlantique airport is within an hour so they say as never taken it from here just for information.   Airport of Nantes in English here: Nantes Atlantique airport

The webpage site Destinéo tells you itineraries and schedules of public transport in the region available in English: Destineo public transport tool

There is a connected public transport site Aleop for the Pays de la Loire region in French here: ALEOP Pays de la Loire public transports

You can, also, rent bikes or vélos to ride in the city, but did not saw anybody doing this while we were there on weekdays. The rental locations are  – Casavélo Tél : 02 41 62 08 41,  Culture Vélo Tél : 02 41 65 70 40, Cycles Bouyer Giant Cholet Tél : 02 41 28 53 39, and Cycles Chauvière Tél : 02 41 65 15 03. Again for information as never done it.

As you can tell, this is close to me at less than 2 hrs so we move by car very convenient and always easy parking even on street like in Cholet. The cost is 40 cents per hour if need to pay because if come between 12h and 14h is free as well as the first hour at other times. Then once in there, you can walk all over great fun indeed, the best combination!

City of Cholet on practical informationCity of Cholet on practical information

Hope you enjoy the post and see the coming posts on nice Cholet in the Maine et Loire 49niners! We again enjoy it even if this time there was one dear late wife Martine not with us physically.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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