A wine museum in Bordeaux!!!

Well, perhaps you have heard of the great cité du vin in Bordeaux, as everyone is talking about it. However, for the traditional wine lover in me, I prefer the smaller more intimate and winegrowers of the land place. This happened while walking in marvelous Bordeaux as our intention that day was to walk along the Garonne river in the Chartrons district.

The museum has been located since 2007 at 41 rue Borie in the building of a former Irish merchant, built just 300 years ago.   The Bordeaux Historia Vini association is behind the opening on June 26, 2008 of the Musée du Vin de Bordeaux or the Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum in the Chartrons district.

The wonderful old fashion rue Borie lies between the Cours Balguerie Stuttenberg street and Quai des Chartrons. Passing by wonderful street crossings especially from the river banks into another nice museum that have not been the musée d’Histoire Maritime of Bordeaux on a one way street towards the river. You will be glad you walk all over here, but if not, from old center you can take tramway B to stop or arrêt Chartrons, get on rue Borie towards museum on your right hand side.

For a wonderful walk go from the Place des Quinconces walk toward the river onto the Quai Louis XVIII turn left alone the Garonne river with its wonderful views and boats.  Continue until just before the water tower or Fontaine Eau you will turn left into rue Borie and continue until the museum. Sublime walk. Hope you enjoy it.

In three semi-buried cellars, the Musée du Vin de Bordeaux presents a collection of unique historical objects, multiple testimonies from the past to the present day, including work in the cellars and exports. Several major themes are addressed within the museum , namely the explanation of the Bordeaux wine trade system; the history of the great families of traders of the 18-19C; the different classifications: that of 1855 (the classified growths of the Médoc and Sauternes), that of the Wines of the Graves (1953/1959) and that of the Wines of Saint-Emilion of 1959; the sulfur revolution and the breeding work in the cellars of Chartrons; and the Port of Bordeaux and wine exports.


In another cellar there is space for the presentation and exhibition of objects and visual supports for the museum . And another cellar, you have a tasting area as well as a shop in the old cooperage of the building. You will see wonderful Art exhibitions in the entrance hall. Regular seminars and conferences in the room of the Cellier des Chartrons are held ,see schedules in webpage.

The official Musée du Vin de Bordeauxwine museum of Bordeaux

The tourist office of Bordeaux about the museum: Bordeaux tourist office on the wine museum

And there you go a nice walk from city center Bordeaux to another magical world of Bordeaux and its wines.  There is a world of education on wines to be had here and very nice folks. Hope you enjoy the Musée du Vin de Bordeaux.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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