Imperial War Museum, London!

And why not stay in cosmopolitan London. We spent our time well there and saw plenty , all wonderful family souvenirs. I am amazed that I have left these beautiful monument out of my blog for so long. Anyway, this is make up time. I like to tell you a bit more on the Imperial War Museum of London.

The Imperial War Museum is a national British military museum established in 1917 during the reign of George V, King of England. and today consists of five sites, including three in London. The Imperial War Museum London is the network’s main and most visited museum and is located in the central part of the former Bethlem Royal Hospital. It concerns WWI and WWII, it also shows the horrors of Nazism.


Originally housed in the Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill, the museum opened to the public in 1920. In 1924, the museum moved to space in the Imperial Institute in South Kensington, and finally in 1936, the museum acquired a permanent home that was previously the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Southwark on Lambeth Road. The hospital consisted of a range of buildings 580 feet long with a basement and three storeys, parallel to Lambeth Road, with a central entrance under a portico. he original hospital building is now largely occupied by corporate offices. The 1966 extension houses the library, art store, and document archives while the 1980s redevelopments created exhibition space over five floors.

An anecdote is that with the evacuation of British forces from Dunkirk in May/June 1940, the British Army’s shortage of equipment saw eighteen of the museum’s artillery pieces return to military service!!. While closed to the public the museum’s building was used for a variety of purposes connected to the war effort, such as a repair garage for government motor vehicles, a center for Air Raid Precautions civil defence lectures and a fire fighting training school. In 2011, the museum rebranded itself as IWM, standing for “Imperial War Museum” .In April 1984, the Cabinet War Rooms were opened to the public as a branch of the museum.

There are eight departments responsible for the various aspects of the Imperial War Museum’s collections: The Department of Documents, The Art Department; The Department of Exhibits and Firearms; The Department of Printed Books; The Film and Video Archive, The Photograph Archive, The Sound Archive, and The Department of Holocaust is in the History of Genocide (Department of Holocaust and Genocide History). A bit more into them below


The Imperial War Museum’s original collections date back to the material amassed by the National War Museum Committee. The present departmental organisation came into being during the 1960s as part of Frankland’s reorganisation of the museum. The museum’s documents archive seeks to collect and preserve the private papers of individuals who have experienced modern warfare. The archive’s holdings range from the papers of senior British and Commonwealth army, navy and air officers, to the letters, diaries and memoirs of lower-ranked servicemen and of civilians.


The Imperial War Museum’s art collection includes paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, and works in film, photography and sound The museum’s Film and Video Archive is one of the oldest film archives in the world The archive preserves a range of historically significant film and video material, including the official British film record of the First World War. he museum’s Photograph Archive preserves photographs by official, amateur and professional photographers. The collection includes the official British photographic record of the two world wars


The Imperial War Museum’s exhibits collection includes a wide range of objects, organised into numerous smaller collections such as uniforms, badges, insignia and flags (including a Canadian Red Ensign carried at Vimy Ridge in 1917, a Union flag from the 1942 British surrender of Singapore, and another found among the wreckage of the World Trade Center following the September 11 attacks), as well a piece of the towers; personal mementoes, souvenirs and miscellanea such as trench art; orders, medals and decorations (including collections of Victoria and George Crosses); military equipment; firearms and ammunition, ordnance, edged weapons, clubs (such as trench clubs) and other weapons, and vehicles, aircraft and ships

The Imperial War Museum’s library is a national reference collection on modern conflict, and holds works on all aspects of warfare, including regimental or unit histories (such as 789 rare German unit histories from WWI technical manuals, biographical material and works on war’s social, cultural, economic, political and military aspect. he museum’s Sound Archive holds 33,000 sound recordings, including a large collection of oral history recordings of witnesses to conflicts since 1914. The IWM has an online database, listing the various items which make up the IWM Collections. In some cases, there are images of the item, or contemporary photos, which can be shared and reused under a Creative Commons Licence.

A wonderful must place to visit me think, and let me give you some webpages to help you plan your trip here

The official Imperial War Museum’s :Imperial War Museum’s

The tourist office of London on the Imperial War Museum’s: Tourist office of London on the IWM

Like I said, my family really enjoy the visit here, and we recommended to all. If you follow history, this is library like no other on wars perils. The Imperial War Museum is an educational must place to visit for all. Hope you enjoy as we did

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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