Saint Paul Cap de Joux !!

Eh yes voilà a title that will make many think what am I doing! But yes this is my beautiful deep belle France ,one reason I love to be here, towns like Saint Paul Cap de Joux, in the Tarn dept 81 of the region of Occitanie my backyard sort of speaking! My road warrior days on the back roads of France have taken me to many towns like it many times overlooked or just little written on them , until now.

It is time I tell you a bit more about Saint Paul Cap de Joux! Hope you enjoy it as I do

The town of Saint Paul Cap de Joux , which before 1891, was commonly known as Saint-Paul-de-Damiatte. By 1585: Passage to Saint-Paul of Henri of Navarre. The future King Henry IV will sign the manifesto of St. Paul with the Vice Languedoc, Henri I, duke of Montmorency; adding the territory which later came to the kingdom of France. It is here, also, that in 1145  St Bernard de Clairvaux came to preach what would later be the Cathar heresy. It is also from here that the Cathar community was installed in the north of  Italy,  the chapel from the 14C of  Sainte-Cécile de Plane Sylve, where there is now a Cross telling us that it was here the center Cathar of Saint Paul . In 1622, St. Paul served as the rear base for the Protestant leader of the region, Henri de Bourbon, marquis de Malauze, during the siege of Briatexte during the rebellion of the Huguenots.

St Paul cap de joux

St Paul Cap du Joux

me and my twins

The nice town of Saint Paul Cap de Joux, seat of the Cathars’s bishop! and a nice historical Church of Saint Paul Cap de Joux .The wonderful thing to visit here is the parish church, from the 19C, of Neo-Romanesque style, it contains murals of 1878 by Bernard Benezet, a renowned Toulouse painter. The altar could be the work of Viollet le Duc.

st paul cap de joux

My family on left

 Saint-Paul-Cap-de-Joux  has a market all year round in city center between 8h to 13h.

The city of Saint Paul Cap de Joux on the Church in French: City of Saint Paul Cap de Joux on the Church

The tourist office of the dept 81 Tarn on Saint Paul Cap de Joux in English: Tourist office of the Tarn on St Paul Cap de Joux

Oh yes forgot, well I come here several times in my road warrior ways, as said car is king and I am in my second home. The best to describe is Saint Paul Cap de Joux is south of Gaillac and Albi and further south of Graulhet and east of Castres.  All towns already written in my blog. Ok are you following me , it is in deep country roads of the Tarn ,the road D112 that starts out from way out Toulouse, passes by sentimental Lavaur and continues along old lavender and pastels fields into wonderful Saint Paul Cap de Joux! No trains but a wonderful spot for the bikers in you and of course far expanses car drivers like me.

From Toulouse (see posts) you follow up in jolimont district the route d’Agde which is the D112 crossing the A61 beltway of Toulouse continue direction Gramont/Balma here same road becomes the route de Lavaur step on your pedal you are passing beautiful hilly fields pas Monplaisir and into Lavaur (see post) but do not go into city center the road passes just outside next town Saint Paul Cap de Joux! Lovely run into the real country fresh air all around you!

The other way from Castres (see post) you get along the Agout river on quai du Carras just before crossing the bridge (do not cross it) bear left alongside of the river ;this takes you to bd des Docteurs Sicard or D83 road ,then turn left on the D612 into bd Georges Clemenceau to link up with the D112 road or Avenue de Lavaur, continue on this road until Saint Paul Cap de Joux. Both ways it is the main street in town.

Hope it helps and do try it, it is beautiful sublime country of my belle France. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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