Lavoir St Leonard at Honfleur

Well I think I have spoken enough on Honfleur, is a very sentimental town for me and going there since the early 90’s. Last year came back and this year still hopeful to go if things on travel becomes normal. This is as Norman as you can get in Normandie!

There is so much I have written on it in my blog, but there is always some that me think not written enough and they deserve more. Therefore, here is my take on the laundry or washhouses of Honfleur and especifically the Lavoir Saint Leonard.


Many towns/villages in France have a wash house or Lavoir, a small building often overlooked by its own residents. These buildings were generally built during the 19C to limit the risk of an epidemic. And of course, I just overlook telling you about the wash house here! Therefore, this is the brief story , hope you enjoy it as we do. We love to walk by here each time in town.


Nearby, the fountain and the washhouse are places conducive to relaxation, fed by the Saint Léonard spring, they remind us that Honfleur has its feet in the water! This district is home to the tourist office, media library and the St Leonard Church 12C (see post).


The economic boom required the creation of a fountain and a washhouse supplied by the Saint Léonard spring. Fed by the sources of the Vassal , it is the oldest washhouse in the city. It was restored in 1807. A stone still indicates these restoration today. At the bottom of the St Leonard Church on rue St Léonard.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and is a must are

City of Honfleur on wash houses in French: City of Honfleur on wash houses

Tourist office of Honfleur on the St Leonard district in English: Tourist office of Honfleur on St Leonard district

Tourist office of Normandy on things to see in Honfleur in English: Tourist office of Normandy on Honfleur

And there you go a nice monument still nicely well done standing and in a wonderful neighborhood to walk and marvel of the architecture of Honfleur. Hope you enjoy the walk by this Lavoir Saint Leonard.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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