The Church of Our Lady, Bitburg!

Ok so let me bring you back to Germany shall we! Well driving around in my road warriors trips, while at our home base in the Konz Oberemmel south of Trier we had the Bitburger beer and found out the town was not far from us. Therefore  ,we went chasing the gold and instead had a more impressive stop a the Church of Our Lady (Notre Dame) of Bitburg.


Let me tell you a bit more about it ok.  This a meddling of history that I must assume would had been difficult so will just condense it into a paragraph. I have other posts on Bitburg and more history in my blog ok

Bitburg is the capital of the Bitburg-Prüm district in Rhineland-Palatinate State, about 30 km north of Trier in the southern part of the Eifel.Traditional speaking is a local variant of Luxembourgish. It seems to have a very troubled history of many changes such as the dates of their affiliation shows here: From the county of Luxembourg and from 950 to 1443. Later and intertwined the Duchy of Luxembourg from 1353 to 1443. Further from the Burgundian Low Countries from 1443 to 1482. Later the Habsburg Low Countries from 1482 to 1556, and followed by the Spanish Low Countries 1556 to 1713 and the Austrian Low Countries from 1713 to 1797. There was the  Cisrhenian Republic a French revolutionary enclave during the French revolution from 1797 to 1802 , and then the French Republic from 1802 to 1804, and the French empire from 1804 to 1813. And as well the Kingdom of Prussia with the Grand Duchy of the Lower Rhine from 1815 to 1822 and then follow by the Kingdom of Prussia with the annex province of the Rhine 1822 to 1918. It became part of the Weimar Republic from 1918 to 1933.   The third Reich of Germany (nazis) from 1933 to 1945, Occupied Germany from 1945 to 1949 and finally Germany from 1949 to the present!

So for the story, we went up on the road B51 from south of Trier to Bitburg, easy. We walk around the town and check out the Church of Our Lady just when a wedding was going on in the city hall across it;we came back for the inside.

The Liebfrauenkirche, or Church of Our Lady (Notre Dame) located on the highest elevation of Bitburg, towers over the city silhouette with its pointed tower hood. It was first mentioned around 1000 and consecrated to Our Lady in 1330. The former single nave, late medieval hall church has been rebuilt and expanded several times in its history. The Gothic building was extended and widened in 1860. In 1922/23 the Liebfrauenkirche received an extension on the south side and thus its current form. This extension, which looks like a baroque extension with a closing chapel from the outside, is stylistically inconsistent on the inside. It is connected to the old Gothic nave by three expressionist arches resting on slender columns, while its side aisles are separated from the main room by short and massive columns without bases. What appears to be the chapel attached to the building from the outside turns out to be a choir-like space for the gallery and organ. The celebration altar is now in the middle of the Gothic nave, opposite the organ. The Gothic east choir was recently converted into a baptistery. In the early 1960s, the extension from 1922/23 was given a dark, multi-fold wooden ceiling with a then modern slatted structure. In the presbytery, the statue of the Virgin Mary decorates the altar. The statue is a representation of the Madonna of Luxembourg.



It is really quant nice church and the area been in city center was full of shops and restos to last a lifetime lol! ok ok but it had its bunch which we enjoy at El Greco hahaha yes like the painter of Toledo Spain, but serving Greek food of course el greco the greek get it.  We had a good inexpensive lunch at El Greco Greek resto with gyros specials for 10€ per person with bitburger beers lol! The picture is from our table a bit sideways! No webpage but is just across the street from the Church of Our Lady.


Some of the webpages to help you enjoy the visit here most in German are

The city of Bitburg on the Church of Our LadyCity of Bitburg on the Church of Our Lady

The parish of Bitburg on the Church of Our Lady: Parish of Bitburg on the Church of Our Lady

The region Bitburg Eifel tourist office in English on the Churcho of Our Lady: Eifel district tourism on the Church

There you go , get up north and see nice monuments, beautify scenary and off the beaten path areas of Germany too; thanks to the Church of Our Lady, Bitburg was a nice trip! Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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