Maison de la Magie , Blois!

Ok so I am still around Blois, did it shows is one of my favorite cities of my belle France. You know the town now come to see its sights must often overlook due to the wonderful castle (already post on it).

Now let me tell you a bit more on a magical house museum of master Houdin  ,and he is from Blois! Hope  you enjoy it as we did!

The Maison de la Magie is fantastic, and my kids favorite, go figure it ::)  Lots of magic and special effects in this place, you can get lost lol!  The entrance is down a ramp across the place du chateau practically facing out from the castle.


The Robert-Houdin Magic House is located at 1 Place du Château facing the castle and was inaugurated in 1998; the museum highlights the life and multiple works of Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, famous illusionist, inventor, watchmaker and manufacturer of French automata born in Blois under the First Empire in 1805. It is 2000 m2 of magical attractions, extraordinary shows, fun museography, optical illusions and souvenir objects in tribute to the illustrious conjurer Blésois (local citizen of Blois). It is the only public museum in Europe to present collections in one place. of magic and a permanent live show, different every year.


The city of Blois buys Maison Massé, a large bourgeois house built in 1856 and located opposite the castle, to present the private collection of the illusionist given to the city in 1981 by Paul Robert Houdin, his grandson, who had opened a private museum there. This collection was gradually enriched The collections of magic art and posters allow you to discover the history of magic in one place!

You must see the Rotonde showing the evolution of magic, the Salle des Illusions, kaleidoscope illusions with mirror games, optique illusions etc, the Passage des mystéres oriental magic and the vitrine du magicien with instruments magician used. Passarelle Harry Houdini, the king of evasion (b 1874 d 1926), into the Salle Robert Houdin the father of modern magic (b1805 d 1871), the Hallucinospe, to go into the Jules Verne world, the Foyer du théatre, objects of magiciens and posters and guillotines, the Grand Théatre, a magic show on site, and the boutique exposition for souvenirs shopping. A magical place for old and young indeed me think.

You can’t missed if going to the castle as most folks do; this is a must for the whole family. Hope you enjoy it

The webpages as usual from me to help you plan your trip are

Official Maison de la Magie in English

City of Blois on the Maison de la Magie in French

Official Tourist office of Blois-Chambord on the House of Magic in English

And there you go now fun for the whole family in a magical spot square of the castle we enjoyed all around there even eating in grand style see my previous posts on Blois.

And remember happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I like the look of this place as I love magic, it looks fascinating.

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