The Poul Fetan at Quisinic!

Here we are in back country Morbihan dept 56 of my Bretagne in my belle France. I have passed by here several times but never got in too inland me thought but trying to see it all and with my boys decided to go in into nature and see a wonderful site that in Summer should be awesome.

Let me introduce you Poul Fetan in the small town of Quistinic. Of course in winter it is closed but I got a special peek inside ::)

Poul-Fetan means the washhouse of the fountain in the Breton language. It was built in the 16C, Poul-Fetan is located on the top of a steep valley overlooking the Blavet valley. As in many villages, the modernization of agriculture has little by little made traditional agriculture disappear, the peasants left the countryside to gain the city, and Poul-Fetan fell into oblivion in the 1960s -1970.


Poul-Fetan was acquired by the town of Quistinic in 1977. Thanks to the tenacity of a team of volunteers, supported by the town, the village will escape the announced death and will be reborn from its ashes. The restoration of the buildings began in 1979 and as of 1985 the village opens to the public.   Today, the numerous activities offered on the site allow you to rediscover this rural life of yesteryear. A leap in time which is an enchantment for both young and old!


A journey between nature and traditions in Morbihan. With family or friends share a good time in a village that lives to the rhythm of the 19C. Take part in daily life activities such as washerwomen, pancakes, butter, etc. 17 Breton games such as stilts, skittles, pucks, etc. Discover the shops and the craftsmen of the village.


Welcoming and generous, the artisans perpetuate here ancestral gestures: making butter, spinning wool, feeding farm animals , so many unique moments in which you are warmly invited to participate. If the work is sometimes rough, you will laugh out loud at the tasty gossip of the washerwomen. After the effort, you will feast on good dishes at the Auberge Ti Fanch ‘ such as the soup cooked in the fireplace, farz with bacon or vegetables etc. Here, you can taste the specialties with a wooden spoon and the flavors are incomparable. At the edge of the village, typical Breton games to challenge yourself with family or friends, and the beautiful chestnut forest which invites young and old to have fun in the company of facetious korrigans. In Poul-Fetan, each house tells the soul of Brittany through the families who lived here over a hundred and fifty years ago!!


Some webpages in English to help you plan your trip here are

Official Poul Fetan village

City of Quistinic on Poul Fetan village in French

Tourist office of Morbihan 56 on Poul Fetan village

tourist office of Brittany on Poul Fetan village

In town, and around you have apart from the seven chapels scattered throughout the countryside, the town has the particularity of hosting two religious buildings side by side. The Saint Pierre Church dates from the 18C, its bell tower is wonderful. Next to it stands the Saint Mathurin Chapel, the current chapel dates from the 18C, but another chapel or an oratory stood in the same place from the 15C.

Some directions to get to his inland wonderful area full of nature of my beloved Morbihan. You go there on the expressway N165/E60 direction Lorient, get off at the expressway N24 direction Rennes, exit/sortie at La Gare de Baud. The old train station no longer in use of Baud! I go from Pluvigner on the road D102 direction Languidic past this town continue on the D102 and on the site of Kerantarf take the road D23 becoming same road the D327 and signs will take you up hilly road to Route de Kerfec to the Poul Fetan village. This is all country inland nature and narrow hilly roads ok.

Some info on public transport , of course , never taken it here just for info ok.You can go with a bit of effort by bus from Lorient Gare d’échange, CTRL network on line 42E until Kergonan, then bus line 46  until Quistinic , you walk about 1km to the village. Info on buses here:

Bus Line 46 : Quistinic Centre <> Languidic- Kergonan. From Paris Montparnasse you can take the TGV to the Gare de Lorient and do the bus as above. Also, there is an airport in Lorient Aéroport de Lorient Bretagne Sud that regular flights from Paris and Lyon, and need to take a bus to the above Gare d’échange (bus terminal) and then as above. Info on the airport here:

Here is the town of Quistinic on the heritage things to see there: Town of Quistinic on heritage

And there you go, another wonderful spot now bette known in my wonderful Morbihan 56 which never stops to amaze me on its beauty and diversion of things to see and do. Hope in family you can enjoy it too, the Poul Fetan village. 

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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