Jardin Royal of Toulouse!

Well if you walk, then gardens are a must, and they are all beautiful! Often overlook by visitors because they want to see monuments but here are a wonderful part of any city and gorgeous statues fountains etc as well. A great way to rest amongst this beauty after a long city walk.

Toulouse has some that I like and will tell you here and the next posts. Let me tell you a bit on the Jardin Royal of Toulouse!

The Jardin Royal is an English public garden located in the Busca-Montplaisir district, southeast of the hypercenter of Toulouse. Created by Louis de Mondran in 1754, the Jardin Royal or Royal Garden was the first public garden in the city. Like the Grand-Rond, it was laid out as an English garden between 1861 and 1863. It covers an area of about 1.7 hectares.


First named the public garden of Toulouse, it took the name of Royal Garden with the creation of the Grand-Rond garden. Obviously, during the French revolution, the garden changed its name. During the 19C, following the political orientations of the leaders of Toulouse, the park oscillated between Public and Royal. It was in 1886 that it definitively took the name of the Royal Garden.


Several statues adorn the garden, paying particular tribute to Déodat de Séverac, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the pioneers of the Aéropostale. The Royal Garden is connected to the Grand-Rond garden by a footbridge passing over the allées Jules Guedes and is decorated with numerous statues. There are tree species such as ginkgo biloba, hackberry, Lebanon cedars, a tulip tree, an Osage orange tree and magnolias.


It is a very quiet place, conducive to meditative walks, to poetic reverie. Enter the garden through the west gate, between a hackberry from Provence and a ginkgo biloba. In the alley on the left, before arriving in front of the great cedars of Lebanon, there is a persimmon of Virginia with a blackish trunk deeply cracked. Its orange-yellow fruits, placed on a chalice with four sepals arranged in a cross, are edible after the first frosts, like meddlers. Beside it there is an Osage orange tree with its leaves grouped in small rosettes and twigs armed with thorns. Opposite, just after the group of cedars, grow a large magnolia and a ginkgo biloba in front of a huge hackberry tree. Very picturesque, it offers a romantic setting for lovers with very nice urban furniture in wrought iron. Children have fun with the little duck pond! Indeed can say romantic place.


More info at the tourist office here: Tourist office of Toulouse on the Royal Garden

City of Toulouse on its gardens in French

There you go another wonderful place small but quant and very nicely maintained like royalty… Fun for the whole family and it has sort of a theme on aviation as you are in Toulouse,you know…see my posts on that. For now enjoy the Jardin Royal or Royal Garden of Toulouse.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. I love to visit monuments, but gardens are even better, especially after the long winter months, when buds begin to appear. The Royal Gardens of Toulouse look lovely and, hopefully, we’ll visit one day. 👍

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