The magic and architecture richness of Blois!!

In my rounds in the Loire I stop again by Blois, nice beautiful town.  We came here by car from Brittany going around Nantes and then direction Angers, and finally heading down to Blois. First, to our hotel just South of Blois in St Gervais-la-Fôret, this is an area we like and have passed by and eaten in nearby restaurants before.

For the trip we chose, Hotel Ikar, this is part of the French chain Inter-Hotel that I used even for my business trips in France.  Very nice typical French hôtels in and around quant towns of lesser known but equally nice in my Belle France.  Very nice welcome country ambiance, with free parking and restaurant breakfast and the rooms were adequate with a bit small bathroom and paper thin towels.  The rest was fine, and especially well located straight ahead into Blois. The Hotel Ikar webpage:


We then hit Blois right on, been in town before we could quickly walk to the areas we like to see like the Castle or the Maison de Houdini magic house.  Climb the wonderful Escalier Saint Martin from the castle level to the city market below and pedestrian shopping streets, views of the castle exteriors from several angles, and the passing of Houdini museum was of course elementary. We enjoy the renovated Maison de la BD house of cartoons such as the webpage here:



And passing once again by the old Jacobins convent now the Muséum d’histoire naturelle  or museum of national history  more at the city tourist section of Blois here:


We enjoy seeing again the wonderful architecture of the hôtels d’Epernon and of Amboise on the square entrance to castle of Blois facing it to your left.  To be there on market day and/or  Christmas market is always  wonderful.


And of course finish another visit with the family this time to Blois with its magical shopping streets and pretty train station or gare de Blois, where we park just in front in square Pasteur. The place Denis Papin with its steep mount !

The city area tourist office of Blois-ChambordTourist office of Blois-Chambord

Enjoy Blois is more than the castle !  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I have very fond memories of this beautiful town and the dragon show through the windows of La Maison de la Magie was truly spectacular.

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