The Big Wheel at Brussels!

So looking back I guess have not told you about the Big Wheel in Brussels during Christmas time. It is a magical place and one of my family’s favorite spot. Therefore, it is time to render the credit it deserves and write a bit on it ok.


This is an awesome time to be in Brussels and its shows by its Christmas market been rank right up there with the best in Europe. The European Best Christmas Market organization voted Plaisirs d’Hiver the seventh best Christmas market in Europe! More here: European Best Destinations best Christmas markets


Winter Wonders or Plaisirs d’Hiver ,the big holiday market, done in the center of the City of Brussels. No less than 270 stands make up this magnificent market, which crosses most of the historic center for more than 2.5 km. The event is organized around the Grand Place of Brussels and around the Bourse, on the Place de la Monnaie, Place Sainte-Catherine and Place du Marché aux Pisissons. It’s a very nice family festive environment which we have enjoyed for several years while the boys were younger!!



However, as the boys grew the attractions became a bit more daring and I had to climb the big wheel or Ferris wheel or Grande roue  to watch all these animations and all this high agitation. And even if the hulls are largely glazed, it is better to take your scarf and  hat, and a lot of courage lol!


Do you know the Paris Ferris wheel was inaugurated on the Boulevard du Midi in Brussels, in the extension of the pedestrian area?. It will be accessible from 27 November 2019 and will then go to Ghent.

The Ferris wheel is 55 meters in diameter and 60 meters high. It has 42 cabins that can hold up to six people, for a total capacity of 252 people. In comparison, the Ferris wheel of the Foire du Midi rises to 44 meters, while that of the Plaisirs d’hiver rises to 50 meters in height. The latter will be accessible from November 27, shortly after the disassembly of the Paris Ferris wheel on the Boulevard du Midi. The Ferris wheel was purchase by a forain duo from  Place de la Concorde in Paris for 3.5 million euros. A wheel 70 meters high will soon be installed on the Parisian square. Stay tune for that.


A wonderful place to be at Christmas and even if far away we all need to plan right? Go there. Enjoy the Ferris wheel or Grand Roue at the Plaisirs d’Hiver Christmas market in Brussels Belgium.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are

Official Plaisirs d’Hiver in English

Tourist office of Brussels on the plaisirs d’Hiver event

The text is all new, the photos are from 2015. Enjoy them and be there, I will try to be there again even if my boys are now men!  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. Just 4 months to go for Christmas. How scary is that?

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  2. We don’t do much. Decorations in motorhome garage! 😉

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