Restaurant: Brazil!!

So here I continue my saga of my memorable restaurants in my travels amongst many. This time I take you to lively Brazil and three different cities and restaurants. Hope you enjoy them as I did

Taverna do Chef Nico Rua Pardais, 490 – Jardim Italia, Vinhedo, State of Sao Paulo.  We eat very well!! The atmosphere was nice. ! The waiters were nice. ! A great selection of excellent Italian meals!! Very good wine . There is a large table of good choices of salads, hot dishes, grilled meats. The story of the memorable moment is that I was visiting the city and had a friend there who was welcoming his daughter’s in laws so I was left to walk around alone at first. Feeling hungry and knowing the language decided to take a walk a spot one place to eat. There I came across this lively place and some it seems known regular customers so I settled in to eat. Later I told my friend what I did, and he weeks later decided to bring a group of local friends here as he had never been! And it turn out the friends agree it was a great place to eat. So I told my friend if need to know where to eat in his town to call me jejejeje!!! I still joke about it with him lol!!!


In total, the tavern menu contains 50 dishes between antipastas , pasta, risotos, meats and fish. It is one of 60 Brazilian restaurants with the Ospitalità Italiana label granted by Unioncamere (Chamber of Commerce of Italy). The certification is granted to establishments with 70% of the wine list composed of Italian labels, which use Italian raw material, have Italian ambient music, decoration that refer to Italy, at least one official who speaks Italian fluently and Italian-Name dishes. Recipes prepared by the matriarch of the family of Angeli.

Nicoló Ferdico was born and studied in Palermo. He traveled to Italy from north to south and specialized in Mediterranean cuisine. The chef also commanded kitchens in the United States, where he lived for a few years. Its restaurant, the Taverna of Chef Nico, in Vinhedo , State of Sao Paulo, is one of the 60 restaurants with the seal Ospitalità Italiana of Brazil, and it’s also accredited by FIC – Brazil (Italian Federation of Cuochi) .

They have a page in Facebook here: Taverna do chef Nico in Vinhedo


Churrasqueria Estancia Grill, Avenida Albino Jose Barbosa de Oliveira 271 Jardim Santa Genebra II, Campinas, State of Sao Paulo.

The story here was that coming over I was to meet an old friend who had invited me to eat here. I was with another couple of local friends and they tag alone. Well so happened my old friend knew them as they were in the same line of business!! Needless to say the conversation was lively and technical afterward many caïpirinhas!

The Churrasqueria or steakhouse with the best Rodizio of Baron Geraldo, with the best choice of noble meats. Complete Rodizio with Buffet at will! Hot table, cold table and salads, pasta table, Sushi and Sashimi, Experience their Picanha steaks, that painted on the Ember, and the most succulent Lamb of Baron! And on Sundays, come and taste the salmon in the caper sauce. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The buffet also includes freshly made pasta dishes and other hot dishes. Price of the Rodizio on weekdays, 35.50 BRL, lunch or dinner and 45.50 BRL for the weekend.

Official webpage of Estancia Grill Campinas


Pinga Com Torresmo , Avenida Princesa do sul 29 A, Varginha, State of Minas Gerais.  Varginha is a municipality in southwest Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Varginha stands out as one of the major centers of commerce and coffee production in Brazil and the world


The memorable story here was that was taken to Café Com Pinga by a local friend to a place specialising in Pinga been a rum alcohol base drink similar to Cachaça but cheaper. It is another term for it a bit cheaper. And the place was great with pork ribs, fry fish, and great Itaipava premium beers. The views over the city as the night fell was fantastic and live music playing oldies but goodies was a king size top off to a wonderful night . I should be back here::)



A bit of explanation to some Latin American readers as the Portuguese word can be dirty. But is not the thing I can assure you ::)

Cold beer and good bar food with live music on Fridays. No doubt, the best bar of Varginha! Service note 10 and the wonderful menu!!! All done with excellence… Cozy atmosphere, perfect! That’s a restaurant where you can go and try every food on the menu.  I have done twice since 2015  and food still the same as first time. If you want to eat really good food and drink the best Caipi in the State of Minas Gerais you should considered going there. Really good food and services!!!!

They have a Facebook page here: Facebook page of Café com Pinga or Torresmo


And there you go , some happy memorable moments in lovely Brazil. Always waiting to be back and see these again in Vinhedo, Campinas, and Varighina!!! Enjoy restaurants in Brazil!

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. You are having a global restaurant tour aren’t. you?

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