The Chatou read on!!!

On a nice sunny week always with the rain just about there and which sometimes falls, I like to tell you about a tale of two places in my belle France. One that should be famous, a bit; the other is not too much known but it should.

Like the title says, Chatou is world’s apart. Chatou is the impressionists. I like to tell you a bit on it

Chatou is in my old department 78 Yvelines in the region of Ïle de France,just 10 km west of Paris bordering the Seine river.  The main roads here are along avenue du Maréchal Foch , A86 by the Seine ,and then the D186 (old N186) passing by Le Vessinet and Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Also, the D321 that connects Carriéres-sur-Seine to Croissy-sur-Seine. The town is service by the RER A at the Gare de Chatou connecting with Paris.

A bit of history I like. The place exists since the gallo-roman times, and from the 6C there was a village here. After many hand changes and lordship it came to the end of the 19C , its most famous claim. The Impressionist painters and then the Fauvism were interested in the town. These were especially André Derain ,  a native, and Auguste Renoir come regularly to the Maison Fournaise where he painted one of the painting most famous in the world;  Déjeuner des Canotiers or the lunch of boaters.

Information on Chatou :

City of Chatou:

The tourist office of the pays des Impressionistes :

There is a  great flea market festival of things going on for 96 Edition this coming weekend and every year. The Foire de  Chatou, more info here:

Notre Dame Church at 4, place Sainte-Marie) , a roman style Church in chalk stone from the 13C built on the spot of an older Church built in wood in the 11C. The before mentioned Maison Fournaise, a restaurant from the middle of the 19C where the Impressionists used to gathered and boating in the river took place. Many Artists/painters visited such as Augustt Renoir, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Berthe Morisot, Edouard Manet, and Guy de Moupassant etc. Today it is a museum. more of it here:

Long live the Impressionists!  Cheers y’all!!!

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4 Comments to “The Chatou read on!!!”

  1. The Domaine de Villarceaux is a place I have been meaning to visit. Interesting history.

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  2. Great post, as always. I’ve been to Chatou and now I clearly must see Chaussy!

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