Some news from France , CCCLXXXVII

This is my latest from my belle France ; as we are into Spring, and today sunny 23C about 73F. However, is that time again to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12+ years , And for those non Roman CCCLXXXVII is 387 ! ,with another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We have done quite a bit of house work and waiting for less rain to continue, Spring is in the air ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Cannes Film Festival had already announced an “exceptional tribute” for Harrison Ford. The Hollywood legend, who came to present the world premiere of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” on the Croisette, received an honorary Palme d’Or on Thursday evening May 18 2023 before the screening of the film. This year, another big name in American cinema, Michael Douglas, received the same distinction on Tuesday, May 16 2023 during the opening ceremony of the Festival.

Renovation of Place de la Concorde, The central fountains and allegorical statues of Strasbourg and Lille are being restored. A meticulous job carried out more than 5 meters high, from the second floor of one of the scaffoldings installed on Place de la Concorde, 8éme de Paris.

Part of the Champs-Elysées garden will bear the name of Line Renaud, a French actresse, The inauguration will take place this summer , the name of Line Renaud in the garden of the ambassadors, around the Gabriel pavilion and the Pierre-Cardin space, not far from place de la Concorde, will be voted on by the borough council on Monday, May 22. Before being in June at the Council of Paris. Another modernity of the mayor of Paris taking away from the eternal City.

The rise in air traffic in Île-de-France region now officials looking at a cap on flights for airports soon to be studied to examine a cap on flights at Roissy, Orly and Le Bourget. Very heavey in my in laws community the airplanes from Roissy are constant imagine at night folks can’t sleep !! Of course this is deep countryside but anyway always the problems with airports, Stay tune on this issue!

According to a study conducted by Lynk & Co and Ipsos. In Paris, for example, 51% of respondents believe that green spaces should replace parking spaces. Well get out the helicopters lol!! Wider sidewalks or cycle paths are also mentioned. This is the case in Paris, with the “Re-enchanting the Champs Élysées” project, which aims in particular to convert the Place de la Concorde into a walkway !!! According to the 2022 study by ADEME, a shared car can replace between five and eight personal cars. In addition, car sharing makes it possible to no longer depend on the often substantial purchase of a vehicle in order to get around. This transition from the economy of ownership to that of use is increasingly popular with young people: according to the Lynk & Co study, 34% of Parisians aged 18 to 34 have a very positive image of it. Lynk & Co has made it the heart of its offer. The brand, founded in 2016 by Alain Visser and resulting from the joint venture between the Chinese group Geely and the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo, aims to revolutionize the model of private car ownership. How ? Thanks to an ultra-flexible subscription system in which the user only pays for the use he makes of it. Present in seven European countries, the first 100% digital automotive company already has a community of 170,000 members. It should accelerate its development in France, with the upcoming opening of the first Lynk & Co club. Another gadget to offer and the trafic jams continue and the braking of public transport delays continues ,, Paris is not the same, I was just by it around it and the trafic is horrendous already ,Webpage:

On the A13, carpooling, coaches and taxis will soon have priority at rush hour, although this last section is still under consideration. The Société des Autoroutes Paris-Normandie (SAPN, a subsidiary of Sanef) is working on the creation of a lane specially dedicated to carpoolers and public transport on the A13. The autoroute de Normandie concessionaire recently obtained the green light from the State services to build this 14-km route in the Yvelines (78) between Épône, very close to Mantes-la-Jolie, and Orgeval in the direction of Paris. Very heavy trafic area now just went by it but of course less lanes will do lol !! It should see the light of day by 2026-2027, according to the SAPN.

Have a nice ride starting at 9h38 from the Gare du Nord train station. The line of Impressionists sets sail for one of the cutest villages in France, home of Van Gogh, Auvers-sur-Oise. In 40 minutes and until September 3, 2023 the special line set up by Transilien offers to reach the village thanks to one trip per day, every weekend and public holidays, with a return at 18h15, to escape the one day time. Ten minutes from the train station and 30 km from Paris, the castle of Auvers-sur-Oise, but also the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Church, visible in the works of Van Gogh, the Maison-Atelier de Charles-François Daubigny or the Castel Val, house of Doctor Gachet, Webpage info :

Come and rediscover the English garden of the Château de Fontainebleau thanks to contemporary art, The castle in the Seine-et-Marne dept 77 goes green with “Grandeur nature” the English garden is transformed into the setting for a contemporary art exhibition. About forty works, which evoke nature and the threat of climate change, are on display until September 17, 2023, some forty works of contemporary art disseminated by 18 artists.webpage:

The Sequana association, specializing in the restoration of boats with heritage value, will soon have a pier in the immediate vicinity of its workshops located on the island of the Impressionists Chatou.(Yvelines 78) Within two weeks, a pier will be erected in front of their premises located in the Hameau Fournaise, on the island of the Impressionists . Inevitably, the subject is on everyone’s lips, Yes nice folks worth to keep traditions. Webpage city of Chatou:

At the Ecouen Renaissance Museum, Antoine Caron depicts the court and history. In the 16C, the Mannerist painter put his fertile imagination at the service of five kings of France, showing their power or mythological scenes. Antoine Caron is not the most famous of 16C artists. Yet during his long life he worked for five kings of France and a regent, Catherine de Medici. The exhibition, the first to be dedicated to him, at the National Museum of the Renaissance in Ecouen. Rich in more than 90 works – paintings, tapestries, drawings or engravings , it is subtitled “The theater of history”, and to visit the five rooms one understands why. His most famous painting and the only one he signed, The Massacres of the Triumvirate, he was able to perfectly restore the image that the authorities wanted to leave. Thus, the tapestry entitled The Court of France leaving the castle of Anet (Le Voyage), if it symbolizes more the whole of the peregrinations of the kings than this grand tour in particular, testifies to the magnitude of the thing. webpage:

Famous for its cathedral, Amiens is often called “the little Venice of the North”, a nickname that the Picardy city owes to its hortillonnages, an interlacing of islets of 300 hectares founded by man eight centuries ago. Ancient marshes, peat land conquered from the marshes of the Somme, cleaned up in Roman times, and became the largest place of market gardening in northern France in the Middle Ages. Festival des hortillonnages exhibits each summer since its foundation in 2010 about fifteen works, some of which have become permanent, of landscape design, architecture and art Festival, which is held this year from May 27 to October 15 2023. The Amiens tourist office for info:

In Lille, cobblestones in memory of the deportees, a memorial approach refused by other cities, the “Stolpersteine”, stones sealed in the ground in front of the last home of the deportees, are multiplying in Europe and in France. A form of commemoration to which not all the town halls subscribe, in particular that of Paris ! These small cobblestones of cement and brass. Ten centimeters by ten, and a few words. A name, a date of birth, that of their arrest and the supposed date of their assassination in Auschwitz. They are called Stolpersteine: literally “stones on which one stumbles”, imagined by the German artist Gunter Demnig to whom we owe the idea of this open-air memorial.webpage info:

The CAPC − Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux and the Carré d’art de Nîmes in search of greater local roots , meaning more support, In Bordeaux in 1973, in Nîmes in 1993, two atypical mayors, from the right, wanted their museum to contemporary art. One opened before the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the other follows on from the decentralization of the 1980s. In this spring of celebrations, the CAPC − Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux and the Carré d’art de Nîmes blow out their fifty and thirty candles respectively with the pride of having gone through the ordeals of political alternations, not without now questioning their local roots. webpage Bordeaux: webpage Nîmes:

How about having a session at the Plaza Athénée? For five evenings, the giant canvas of the Plaza Cinéma Club will see quality films screened under the stars, but not only. Like the previous year, the chef will offer a dinner in keeping with the day’s work, such as ratatouille in front of Ratatouille, the carnivorous menu during Jurassic Park or seafood in front of Jaws. A magical and masterful evening that will has a price: 250€ . Plaza Cinéma Club, Plaza Athénée, 26, avenue Montaigne 8éme , From June 26 to 30, 2023, webpage info :

Fancy a getaway in the heart of Latin America? Mexico ? Recommended by local friends looking forward to visit eventually, Go to the 2éme arrondissement and the La Esquinita, Created almost 6 years ago by Nicolas and Fernando, the small grocery store promises to take you on a journey with its muy picante products. In Spanish, “esquinita” means “little corner”. If the two owners chose this name, it is because before living in the rue de la Lune, the small shop was a few meters further, rue Notre-Dame-de-Recouvrance, at the corner of a building . A true concentrate of Mexico in the heart of Paris, the grocery store imports most of its products directly from Latin America. A real Ali Baba’s cave, but Mexican version. Fernando is a former restaurant chef. The forty-something from Puebla came to France a little over 20 years ago to attend a gastronomy school. Nicolas, meanwhile, is a former journalist from Morelos, landed in Paris 35 years ago after meeting a Frenchwoman, to whom he has since married. La Esquinita 36, rue de la Lune 2éme Open Monday to Saturday, 11h to 19h, Webpage :

There you go folks, another round of my some news from France coming to you freely by the road warrior travel guy . Hope you enjoy this post and do take care ,enjoy we are now in Spring, great, even if a bit rainy, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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