The Château d’Aunoy !!

And on my ever lasting road warrior trips of my dear Seine et Marne I came again to a new town!  The town of Champeaux is located in the Seine-et-Marne department 77 in the Île-de-France region of my belle France, This is deep country and beautiful ,you need a car but darn worth it. I like to tell you a bit on this post about the Château d’Aunoy ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Champeaux castle of Aunoy front inside may23

The first mention of Champeaux is in the 626 translation of a Vita sancte Fare, or “Life of Saint Fare” since lost. This is countryside very old neighborhood but the real France !!! A must for the road warrior in all of us.  The Château d’Aunoy , a medieval castle is home to one of the first English-style parks built in France, it includes ponds, factories, an ice house, plantations of various tree species including a magnificent plane tree dating from the construction of the castle in 1750.

Champeaux castle of Aunoy side entr may23

The Château d’Aunoy as the lordship of Aunoy has been known since the 12C. A previous medieval castle was ravaged by fire around 1750. In the 17C, the castle passed into the hands of several Parisian families, including the Favres, from 1663, who were stewards of the Fouquet family at the neighboring castle of Vaux le Vicomte (see posts). In 1729, Claude Favre d’Aunoy began renovation work on the medieval residence, In 1731, the estate was acquired by Jean-Baptiste Chabert, Chabert took the opportunity to completely remodel the estate, moving the dwelling further west, retaining only a few feudal signs such as the dovecote and two turrets. The new residence was presented in the form that had become classic in the middle of the 18C of the Parisian private mansion, adapted for the countryside. The château d’Aunoy had just been finished and Chabert sold it in 1754 to his youngest son in 1761.

Champeaux castle of Aunoy left side front may23

He had an English-style park laid out around the castle, one of the first in France. The Prince of Conti and then the Duchess of Chartres came especially to admire the garden. It is an irregular garden, partly sloping, organized around a large lawn ending in a pond with an island, decorated with rustic caves, and factories: a hermitage, an obelisk, a tower, a vestige of the old castle, a belvedere on an icehouse, a wild hut , a greenhouse and an orangery. There is also a vegetable garden and an orchard, In 1775, he retired from business and sold the Château d’Aunoy to the Viscountess de Broglie , The residence is currently the property of Jean-Louis Tapiau as a private property. The gardens, destroyed by the 1999 storm, have been restored and are sometimes open to the public.

Champeaux castle of Aunoy garden may23

Champeaux castle of Aunoy moat may23

As a footnote, Ben Bella was interned here following the hijacking of his plane during the Algerian War.

The town of Champeaux and its heritage

There you go folks, another dandy ride in my road warrior mode,again, And another first in my world map in quant countryside Champeaux !! Always so much to see in my belle France.  This is the Château d’Aunoy !!, Again ,hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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