Curiosities of Honfleur, part II !!!

If you have been reading my blog and thank you for it doing it since Nov 2010; then you know my sentimental attachment to Honfleur. A city gear to the ocean and fishing and Normandy, I have several posts on it in my blog and they are all special to me. I had to go there again for a personal duty that I had to do, put the ashes of my father at sea as were my mother and wife, Let me tell you about some curiosities of Honfleur ,part II !!!  Hope you enjoy the post as I.

However, worth to tell you this is a town towards the ocean of great sailors. In 1503, Paulmier de Gonneville ventured to Brazil. A century later, explorer Samuel Champlain left the Norman port for Canada where he founded the city of Québec. Honfleur is very international, and the second most visited site in Normandie behind just MSM !!!

The boat Aventura for a sea trip commented by the Captain departing from the Port of Honfleur. Pass the SAS Ecluse, head for the Pont de Normandie and discover all the richness of the Seine Estuary as well as Port 2000! webpage:

Honfleur boat Aventura harbor entr apr23

The boat Ville de Honfleur Head out of the port to take the lock and access the Seine estuary. Views of the radar control tower which manages navigation on the Seine, the quays in the Seine which represent the commercial port of Honfleur, the nature reserve with its protected species gulls, cormorants, swans, ducks, seals…, the bridge of Normandy and its viaduct, the Tancarville bridge 25 km upstream on the Seine, the heights of the city of Honfleur protected from new constructions, the Butin beach and its lighthouse, the coast of Vasouy, Pennedepie and Villerville, the area industry of Le Havre and the port 2000 specialized in the reception of container ships, etc…Wonderful ride this boat replaces the Jolie France which have in my blog, webpage:

Honfleur boat ville de Honfleur apr23

If you opt for a historic cruise, after visiting Paris, you will visit the landing beaches and enjoy river-sea navigation between Caudebec-en-Caux and as far as Honfleur , The MS Botticeli was entirely refitted in 2016, There are many others who stop here and lovely ride indeed,The station is by the bus terminal in Honfleur. webpage:

Honfleur harbor cruise boat anchor apr23

The Hippocampe at Quai Tostain ,A fish market ,and you can eat on site with fresh produce right off the boats, A different place indeed,and nice architecture intact from the old days of fish markets, Not to be confuse with a restaurant same name this is the Hippocampe poissonnarie. no web.

Honfleur L'Hippocampe poissonarie fish market apr23

The Naturospace reconstructs an Amazonian-type biotope, where a hundred species of butterflies fly from South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, as well as multicolored tropical birds. Nice place was here several years back, Webpage:

Honfleur Naturospace butterflies park apr23

The passage Katia Granoff is named after the artist ,and the side wall you see the great names that have made Honfleur home, Which city is considered the most romantic in France? And yes, it is in the department 14 of Calvados, in Normandy, that you will find the most romantic city in France, Honfleur. According to the Seloger survey, For the artistic influence that surrounds the City in all corners.

Honfleur passage Katia Granoff illustres visite honfleur apr23

The Jardin Retrouvé (public garden) was inaugurated in 1996. Created on the site of an old park, this garden is called the Jardin Retrouvé for its romantic setting and its organization both French and English. Nature is recreated there but reinterpreted and mastered by man. There are several factories and sculptures: kiosk, well, bust of Eugène Boudin, ‘Katchanka’ the little dog. Etc,The famous garden event we love is held here ..Passionnément Jardin ,webpage:

Honfleur jardin public personalites entr apr23

The Hôtel de Ville first stone laid in 1832. Work was completed in 1837. It has two levels and a fine staircase as well as a gallery with Doric columns The City/town hall is a representative example of the public architecture of the monarchy of July in France (1830-1848),webpage:

Honfleur Hôtel de Ville across vieux port apr23

The Médiathèque Maurice Delange is one of the services of the heritage and public reading center of the city of Honfleur, with the museums and the Lieutenancy. A place to dwell into history and arts, webpage:

Honfleur Mediathéque front apr23

The Chapelle de l’Ancienne Hôpital ,This chapel dedicated to Saint Firmin. It is located in place of a primitive chapel and was built in 1580. In the chapel rests, among others, Gabrielle Orieult, known as Saint Melaine, founder of the hospital in 1669. Since 2004, the association Les Racines de Honfleur has been responsible its backup and restoration

Honfleur chapelle de l'ancienne hôpital apr23

The phare de l’Ancienne Hôpital Raised in 1853, in order to become an indispensable complement to the Fatouville lighthouse, replacing a simple wooden tower called the Tour à feu (fire tower). It was lit for the first time on June 1, 1857. The hospital lighthouse was extinguished in 1908 and put up for sale in 1911. Since 2004, it has been owned by the city of Honfleur. webpage for chapel and lighthouse above

Honfleur phare de l'hôpital front apr23

The Route de Trouville was the old road Honfleur to Trouville ,numbered now the road D513A, the main road today is bordering the coast on the road D513 ,lovely ride taking you all the way to Deauville as well, You see the Pont de Normandie afar !!!

Honfleur route de trouville to pont de normandie apr23

The rue de la Chaussée was named Rue de la Grande-Chaussée in 1447 ,because it separated the large pond from the ditch. by this means to form a restraint that was used for the port. This levee served at the same time as a place of passage and the dam thus built took the name of roadway (chausséé), With the drying up of the pond, it was the Claire which delimited the street on the south side. It now opens onto the Tripot garden. It is in this street that the Cohue was built, the place where the small justice was held. The building was equipped with a small secret room that allowed the criminals to be observed without their knowledge. At No 37, lived Pierre-Philippe Urbain Thomas, former commissioner of the Navy, who served on the ships Orient and Courageux during the Egyptian campaign at the end of the 18C. Thomas was, for more than 20 years, one of the editors of the Journal de Honfleur, a competitor of the Honfleur Echo.

Honfleur rue de la Chaussée apr23

The Honfleur tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, another dandy beautiful and nostalgic spot in my belle France.  Honfleur is a must to visit for any reason. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels,good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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