The heritage monuments of Alcalà de Henares, part II !!!

I come back to look at this older post and decided should be split into convents/college and oratories/chapels, Therefore, here is the second part on the heritage monuments of Alcalà de Henares We took several walks all over the City and saw these magnificent architecture buildings full of history we love. Hope you enjoy the post on the heritage monuments of Alcalà de Henares ,part II,

There is so much  to see in the 2nd most visited country in the world ! I used to lived there, citizen of, and visit every year when authorities allowed it. However, one of my favorite towns and written on it on several posts in a general sense is Alcalà de Henares in the Comunidad de Madrid . I like to tell you a bit more on the different historical, religious, and just plain heritage of this wonderful City, so sit back and enjoy it as I do.

The Oratorio San Felipe de Neri. Founded at the end of the 17C, the convent was built between 1698 and 1704 and the church ten years later, has a Baroque church with elliptical vault. It highlights its interesting library and its good collection of imagery of the school of Gregorio Fernandez and Alonso Cano, as well as a rich legacy of painting and cult objects.  Only male congregation that endures in Alcalá de Hénares.. You will visit the church, the sacristy and the museum rooms, which are home to important carvings and paintings. In this convent was of spiritual retreat for the writer Miguel de Unamuno, personal friend of the Father Juan José de Lecanda, the first days of November 1888 and 1889. Located at Plaza Padre Lecanda, 4. webpage:



The Ermita de Santa Lucía, is one of the most emblematic religious constructions in Alcalà de Henares. It is located in the heart of the historic quarter, at the confluence between Calle Tercia and  Calle Victoria, in front of the Cathedral. Its origin dates from the 12C in Romanesque-Mudejar style, although the current building was built in the 17C in Baroque style. The 13th of December at the beginning of the main street starts a parade with the junk (garbage metals, pans etc) , accompanied by a group of “Dulzaineros”, until arriving at the hermitage of Santa Lucía, in front of which a bonfire with the old junk is ignited and roasted potatoes are served. At present this hermitage is the Polish chaplaincy for the Polish emigrant’s resident in the city. Second picture below is from the Cathedral tower.  Webpage :



The Ermita Universitaria del Santísimo Cristo de los Doctrinos . It is popular architecture, of the purest Castilian Baroque. It has a Recoleta chapel, in which you can contemplate the size of the Christ  of the Indoctrinated or Doctrinos, as well as an excellent collection of religious art from the 16C and 17C. In 1225 the Oratory of the Christ of Mercy was built, during the 16C the present hermitage was built. There was used as motivation of the lessons an image of Jesus crucified, which was very soon popularly known as Christ of the indoctrinated. According to tradition, in this hermitage they explained Christian doctrine and rudiments of religion by Saint José de Calasanz and Saint Ignacio de Loyola, and over there passed the most fervent sacred speakers of the Cisneriana University.  Located at  Calle de los Colegios, 9. webpage: Official tourism Comunidad de Madrid on the Ermita de los Doctrinos


The Capilla de las Santas Formas.  In the  Viejo Colegio Máximo de la Compañía de Jesús  or old church of the high School of the company of Jesus we can admire a chapel dedicated to this miracle that is without doubt one of the most beautiful monuments of Alcalá de Henares. In 1597, an anonymous repentant penitent, possibly of Moorish origin, after confessing his robbery, gave to the Jesuit Father Juan Juárez a rolled forms  in which they came wrapped  24 consecrated forms; A board of university doctors addressed the subject and after its conclusions was ratified the miracle in 1619. Since 1624, they were in a valuable silver monstrance. Webpage:  Capilla de la Santas Formas


There you go folks, a monument for all tastes ,and to fully enjoy each and everyone of them Alcalà de Henares is a wonderful city to walk and be among architectural and historical gems such as these. See my other posts on Alcalà de Henares. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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