Alcalà de Henares and memorable La Gitana Loca !!!

I found deep in my blog and need to update if only for the memories of always, I have come back to Alcalà de Henares after several years out ; the reason to show my family my dear Spain. I take you now to a great memorable find in the Alcalà de Henares, and the Comunidad de Madrid. Hope you enjoy the post as I,

While visiting the wonderful Alcalà de Henares we stumble on this nice place right in front of the Cathedral with a funny name La Gitana Loca or the crazy female gypsy and it caught our attention to go in. It was a very nice encounter with cheap tapas and beers which we have repeated going there. Initially, the price for a caña or glass of beer was 50 cents and the tapas 1 euro ! Awesome, Following year we came back and prices went up for a glass of beer 70 cents but the tapas remained at 1 euro ! A must for us to stop there.



Enough simple thing to do with a family. It was located at Plaza Santos Ninos 4 directly across from the main entrance to the Cathedral. Sadly, trying to come back in 2019, we found it close , even if other branches in Andalucia remains open, We will missed La Gitana Loca of Alcalà de Henares, always a memorable conversation topic nowdays with the boys, OF course, my dear late wife Martine love it !

Alcala LA Gitana Loca dining room aug17

The truth was that the site does not deceive;  cheap food and drink. The place was normal to go for tapas, the interesting thing is the place where I find it, at the foot of the Cathedral by its main entrance for an excellent location. Bustling site for cheap glass of beer or cañas with friends. The atmosphere is for the young, but for a family can have great combi tapas and beers and in summer the terrace is elbow to elbow full. The food is not very remarkable as tapas are simple but cheap as well. A good place to cool off, have a drink and admire the architecture of the magisterial Cathedral and its storks from the terrace and continue the path.  An umpretentious place that looked more like a bar than a restaurant but the service was very friendly and the food good and cheap,attack attack !!! The La Gitana Loca will continue to be one of best memories of our visit to Alcalà de Henares, Of course, post for the memories of always,I have news that a new resto Simonis had opened there but now closed as well,


The Plaza Santos Niños has many emblematic buildings of Alcalà de Henares such as the Catedral-Magistral, the Antiguo Colegio de las Santas Justa and Rufina or Casa de los Lizana, with a nice renaissance door; The Antiguo convento de San Juan de La Penitencia, actually known as the Casa de la Entrevista or interview for the famous meeting there between Cristobal Colón and the Catholic kings, The Ermita de Santa Lucía, first City hall of Alcalá de Henares and the Antigua Casa de Diego de Torres de La Caballería, which managed the denomination of the title of City or Villa to Alcalá in 1687.

The La Gitana Loca branches in Andalucia

The RestaurantGuru reviews (with pictures) on La Gitana Loca (they show wrong address) :

There you go folks, as the saying goes, remembering is to re live again and this memorable spot is it for me. We will always have La Gitana Loca in Alcalà de Henares, here for the memories of always, Again, hope you have enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I like Alcalà de Henares, thanks for reminding me.

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