The moving stairs and the little train of Toledo !!!

Here I go again, found me older pictures but not yet on my blog ! Well got to do my homework as this road warrior goes quick,,,, Many wonderful visits with the family over the years, starting when I lived in Madrid that came to see family here,now gone as when I came with my dear late wife Martine, RIP. This is Toledo, the magical blend of Spain! Let me tell you about the moving stairs and the little train or zocotren of Toledo !. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Escaleras Mecanicas de Recaredo or mechanical stairs are a quaint thing to do, we just went up and down on them. It helps move without climbing the steep cobblestone streets of Toledo old Town, They were the first outdoor escalators to be built in Toledo, on June 20, 2000. They are located on Paseo de Recaredo, which goes from the Puerta de Bisagra to the Puerta del Cambrón. An opening in the medieval wall allows access to several sections of escalators that show us a magnificent view of Toledo, facilitating the ascent to the drop of about 40 meters and which leaves us next to the building of the Diputación de Toledo, and the car park of Recaredo, Paseo de Recaredo, 27, This is wonderful and the one we have used the most.


Another mechanical stairs or lift this time is Safont at Ronda del Granada The escalators that start at the new tourist bus stop in Toledo, inaugurated in 2014, have become in a few years one of the most used infrastructures in the city, especially due to the numerous tourists who arrive by AVE fast train to Toledo or to the bus station, given the proximity to these places. In a few minutes in a pleasant walk across the bridge over the Tagus river, If you arrive by AVE from Madrid you can reach the area known as the Miradero (now congress palace ) and in 5 more minutes, to Plaza de Zocodover using those escalators. You will also get there quickly if you park your car for free in one of the two large car parks that have been built very close to this mechanical access , You can look for signs showing“aparcamiento casco histórico – Safont” or historical center car park – Safont. The access is made by the access descent towards the bus station, before entering the garage, it deviates to the right.

 We saw a little train or Zocotren now known by official name of Transvision a train ride all over town. The starting point of the visit is the central Plaza de Zocodover and it is expected to last about 45 minutes , office stop at Plaza Zocodover, 15, This mini-train is a great option for those who don’t have enough time to cover the city on foot. Also, if you are tired of walking as my dear late wife Martine was.  It takes you through the city and the route is designed in such a way that it covers major attractions even outside the city. The tour includes a 5-minute stop at the mythical Mirador del Valle to see how the Tagus River embraces the historic quarter. The Zocotren journey begins at the Plaza de Zocodover, and goes by the Alcázar, Puerta de Bisagra, Muralla, Puente de Alcántara, Casa del Diamantista, Parada en el Mirador del Valle, Los Cigarrales, Puente de San Martín, San Juan de los Reyes, Puerta de Alfonso VI,, Iglesia (church) de Santiago de Arrabal, and Puerta del Sol. Below the old Zocotren , behind the Alcazar, now there is a newer model ok…


The City of Toledo on the moving stairs :

The official trainvision little train of Toledo:

The  Toledo Tourist office:

The Castilla La Manche regional tourist office on Toledo

There you go folks, you are all set to go,easy does it on the hilly cobblestone streets but all worth it, Toledo is awesome a must to visit while in my dear Spain, Just lets your feet do the walking and go, Toledo awaits you, the world is welcome. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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