My ways around Albarracin !!!

I made the trip several times from my Morbihan 56 breton in France to my vacation home in Las Majadas (see posts) and on my way to see my dear Spain, Once I did stop briefly and saw the nice historical architecture beauty of Albarracin, I like to take bits from other posts to create a post of its own, which feels deserves, Therefore, here is my ways around Albarracin !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.


The town of Albarracín is part of the Sierra de Albarracín region, in the province of Teruel, autonomous community of Aragon.  It is only 39 km from Teruel city. Some of the things to see here which we have briefly stop on our runs between France and Spain are :

The San Salvador Cathedral located next to the castle, it is from the 16C with a single nave and side chapels. In its museum there are good Flemish tapestries recorded with the life of Gideon. The Alcázar de Albarracín is a castle and archaeological site from the medieval period , The Episcopal Palace located next to the cathedral. It has a baroque portal. The City/Town Hall located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (or city hall square). It is from the 16C, with wooden balconies and a corridor that runs over the river.

albarracin castle Santa Croche on A1512 aug16

The walls of Albarracín surround the town ,located at 1,171 meters above sea level, the current Church of Santa María built on the vestiges of an antique Roman temple from the end of the 16C to the 18C ,the interior si complete with baroque elements notably the pillars. In the 10C, the first defensive enclosure was developed, which included the aforementioned church, the fortress of Santa Croche, an albarrana tower (Torre del Andador) and the entrance gate (Portal de Hierro). Later, in the 11C, the walled perimeter was enlarged, opening three new portals: the one in Teruel, now disappeared, the one in Molina and the one in Agua.

albarracin passing A1512 road to LM aug16

After the Siege of Albarracín (1284), the walls of Albarracín are a formidable enclosure, the result of various extensions, which completely surrounds the historic center of the town. The Torre del Andador is located in the highest part of the defensive enclosure of the walls of Albarracín. The Torre Blanca (also, Torre de Doña Blanca), is part of the defensive enclosure of the walls of Albarracín, This is on the road A1512 off the A23, and you see the mountains of Albarracin. Where if you have time you can go down to see remnants of a Roman aqueduct ;the Albarracin Gea Cella aqueduct that is seen for 25 kms or about 13 miles! This is about 2 km from Albarracin also on the road A1512. We pass by a statue in metal call the guia del coboSierra de Albarracin at the birth of the river Tajo on the CU901 road.



A bit of history I like, This town gives its name to a chain of mountains situated in the southwest of Aragon. It was founded located near the old Roman villa of Lobetum. In the 12C , Albarracin was the seat of the Taïfa of Albarracín. It was the name of a dynasty that reigned the Banou Razin,which by deformation is the origin of the name of the town. We rode our road warrior trails by here on the A1512 road. During the Spanish Civil War, fighting between the republican troops and the nationalists took place in the town, changing control of the population between both sides several times. In July 1937, a republican offensive took place constituting the largest military confrontation during the war. In a quick attack, on July 8 the republicans took control of the town with the exception of the City/town hall and the cathedral, in which military and civilians who had previously taken refuge remained besieged. The nationalists reacted by sending reinforcements and on July 13 they managed to reconquer the town and expel the republican troops.

The Santa Maria de Albarracin Foundation on the heritage of Albarracin:

The Albarracin tourist office by businesses assoc : : 

The Aragon community tourist office on Albarracin :

There you go folks, a dandy places to see in wonderful historical architecturally stunning Albarracin. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I, And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all !!!

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