The Cathédrale Saint André of Bordeaux !!!

This is one of my fav areas of France and for good reason other than wines; there are wonderful beaches too and many family vacations here over the years. I have written with some pics and lots of history so will give you a few more here with some new text and pictures from in my vault !! The Cathédrale St André is located at the place Pey-Beland, and is the most majestic of the churches in Bordeaux, built in the 12-13C, and the next door bell tower of  Tour Pey-Berland with 229 steps to reach the top,and a beautiful view of Bordeaux ! Let me tell you a bit more about the Cathédrale Saint André of Bordeaux, Hope you enjoy it as I, and thanks for reading me since Nov, 2010 !!

The Primate Cathedral of Saint-André , built in the 12-13C is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Bordeaux. It was consecrated on May 1, 1096 by Pope Urban II, on tour to preach the First Crusade. It was rebuilt in the Gothic style from the 12C to the 16C. Both Gothic for the choir and the transept, and both Romanesque for the lower parts of the nave. This cathedral has a nave built in the 12C and modified in the 14-15C. The choir is in the radiant Gothic style. Superb sculptures adorn the royal gate, the north gate and the south portal. the height of its spires is of 90 meters.

Bordeaux cat front aug06

In this St Andrews’ Cathedral were celebrated some royal marriages, in 1137, the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine, then aged fifteen, with the future Louis VII, king of the Franks and in November 1615 the marriage of Anne of Austria, Infante of Spain and Louis XIII, king of France and Navarre. In 1305: Bertrand de Got ,Archbishop of Bordeaux solemnly reads the decree of his election as Pope and takes the name of Clement V. In 1367: Born in Bordeaux, Richard, son of the Black Prince and future king of England under the name of Richard II, was baptized here. In 1650: Cardinal Mazarin accompanied his godson Louis XIV and the Queen Mother Anne of Austria to this cathedral. In 1808: on a visit to Bordeaux, Napoleon I noted the damage suffered by the cathedral during the French revolution. He orders its restoration. On June 12, 1992: Queen Elizabeth II of England and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, are welcomed by Bishop Eyt, Archbishop of Bordeaux, and Jacques Chaban-Delmas, mayor of the city.

The nave, in the Angevin style, dates from the Romanesque period in the 11C and 12C and was modified in the 13C and 15C. From the Romanesque period, only the outer wall of the nave remains. Later, the vault threatened to collapse, so it was given imposing buttresses, still visible today. The ambulatory, undertaken around 1280, was connected to the nave around 1330. The choir and the radiating chapels were made in the 14C, the structural work was then entirely done. The bell tower, towers and spiers of the south transept were completed in the 15C.  The facades have 3 portals, each one richer than the other. First of all, the Royal portal of the 13C is the most famous and the most refined. You can discover splendid sculptures inspired by the statuary of Ile de France. But it is above all the 10 Apostles that adorn the embrasures, and the tympanum representing the Last Judgment that have made this one famous. To the north, a wooden gate from the 14C is beautifully decorated with sculptures representing the Ascension. Finally, the South portal displays a pediment decorated with 3 rosettes. Whatever access you choose to enter the cathedral, you will discover marvels of religious ornaments. Inside the cathedral, there is a wide nave in 2 parts. Indeed, the upper part of the end of the Gothic rests on bases of the 12C,. The pulpit 18C, meanwhile, is distinguished by its structure in mahogany and marble of different colors. Do not miss the Axial Chapel and its stalls from the 17C. The chevet is the Pey Berland Tower 15C built by order of the Archbishop of the same name. The originality of this tower is that it was built independently of the building, so the vibrations of the huge bells of the tower, do not shake the construction of the cathedral, there is a great bell of 11 tons installed in 1863. The same year, was crowned with a gigantic statue of Our Lady of Aquitaine.

Bordeaux cat PF aug06

The Pey Berland tower, named after Archbishop Pey Berland, is the separate bell tower of Cathédrale Saint-André located next to it. Its construction spread from 1440 to 1500 on the initiative of the Archbishop of the same name. Crowned by a bell tower, it has always remained isolated from the rest of the Cathedral. From the top of its 66 meters and its two terraces, the tower offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Bordeaux. The first, which rises to 40 meters, allows you to admire the main monuments and districts of Bordeaux. In addition, you can see the two smaller bells of the belfry. The second terrace, accessible after climbing the 233 steps that separate it from the mainland and 10 meters higher, overlooks the whole city and surrounds the spire of the bell tower for a 360° view, In total there are 3 monumental bells named Marie , Clémence and Marguerite and Ferdinand the great bell which sometimes still ring in the heart of Place Pey Berland. At the top of this tower, the imposing statue of Notre-Dame d’Aquitaine watches over the inhabitants. It has been 66 meters high since 1863, Facing north, its direction is not the result of chance since this is where the village of Saint-Raphaël is located, where Pey Berland was born.

Bordeaux tour peyland aug06

Once in Bordeaux , easy to get to it either walking or by Trams A and B arrêt/stop at Hôtel de Ville station, not far from the cathedral. Bus lines 4, 5, 6, 15, 16 and 56 serve the surrounding area. I have come by car and on foot here. By car there is underground by the Tour Pey Berland with bank card or cash payment only.

The official Cathedral Saint André :

The official Bordeaux tourist office on the Cathedral:

The official Tour Berland:

The official Bordeaux Tourist office on the tour Pey Berland :

There you go folks,another wonderful monument of the city of Bordeaux that is a must to visit. The Cathedral of Saint André and the tour Pey Berland are wonderful indeed full of history and awesome architecture. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I love churches with so much history…it amazes me to walk through and just imagine how much has happened in that same spot over the years! Definitely will stop by here when I get to Bordeaux, thanks for sharing so much interesting info!

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