The getting around in Arras !

I found that I had pictures visiting some of the transport places in Arras and no post on that. As many folks do come to Arras especially for the military cemeteries around it I might as well give you a brief on coming and moving about in Arras! This is an updated post ; hope you enjoy it as I . For reference, Arras is located in the dept 62 of Pas de Calais in the region of Hauts-de-France. 


Historically, Arras was under the Ancien Régime (monarchy) the capital of the province of Artois, a large religious center and a prosperous city known for its cloth manufacturing. The city is famous for its two magnificent baroque squares which form an architectural ensemble unique in the world, its Belfry and its Citadel, both classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. With 225 buildings protected as historical monuments, Arras is the city with the highest density of monuments in France.

The roads here are awesome and we love our road warrior rides on them. Take the A1 between Paris and Lille, the A26 merges in part with the European road E17 from Antwerp to Beaune via Lille and Reims. European route 15 or E15 is also an essential axis of Europe, connecting the United Kingdom to Spain. The junction between the A26 and the A1 near Arras constitutes an important interchange of this road. Arras is also at the center of a network of departmental and national roads, with among the most important, I will put the ones I have driven on and connections here: the departmental road D917 towards Bapaume, Péronne and Le Bourget in the south, Lens , Lille and Halluin to the north; the departmental road D950 towards Douai; the departmental road D939 towards Cambrai in the east, and Le Touquet in the west; the RN 25 towards Doullens and Amiens to the south. We usually travel by car on the A1 who has an important exchange with the A26 , and we do take the D 939 to visit family.

The city of Arras has a pdf file with paying parkings all over. My favorites have been the  Grand Place,  Palais St Vaast,  and  Pl de la  Madeleine.

The train service is plenty here with the most popular or in my opinion as never taken trains here are from Arras to Paris Nord (gare du nord): 50 minutes. To Marnes la Vallée Chessy (Disneyland) : 54 minutes. To the airport Roissy CDG : 40 minutes. To Nantes : 4h03 and to Rennes : 3h59. The train or Gare station is located at Place Maréchal Foch. 


The regional TER Hauts de France region trains on Arras:

The SNCF Gare d’Arras gare et connexions train station :

The bus network Artis provides about 23 bus lines to cover the 46 towns of the territory including Arras. The Artis network can tell you about a night service , the one relevant is the Noctibus Sud serving city center Arras and the towns of Dainville, Achicourt, Agny, Beaurains, Tilloy-les-Mofflaines. In city center Arras the stops are Les Places ,Cité Nature, Théâtre and Gare(train station). The last two great for sightseeing in town.  Again disclaimer never taken it , here for information only, the network maps :


The bikes or vélos function under the  V’électric network with about 32 km of bike lanes and about 200 points of picking and retrieving bikes. In the Artis bus network you find more info in the bus network webpage:

The city of Arras is well service by taxi many and due to the military fields outside of town used often by visitors to take them there. I have no experience on any. I will put here those with webpages

Alliance taxis

Taxi Arras

The City of Arras on its public transports

The city of Arras on coming to the City:

For additional reference, and see my other posts on Arras.

The Arras Pays d’Artois Tourist office in the Hôtel de ville, Place des Héros , the must see in Arras

The communauté urbaine d’Arras (CUA) or the urban community of Arras tells you of places of memory and fraternity to see as this is the metro area :

There you go folks, now I feel better, with this brief introduction to coming and moving around in Arras. A lovely city worth the detour another gem in my belle France.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Birth town of Robespierre.

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