The Grand Pond of Toulouse !

Well if you walk, then gardens are a must, and they are all beautiful! Often overlook by visitors because they want to see monuments but here are a wonderful part of any city and gorgeous statues fountains etc as well. A great way to rest amongst this beauty after a long city walk. Toulouse has some nice ones and I will like to update this post to tell you more about the smallist but wonderfully beautiful, Grand Pond or Boulingrin of Toulouse !


The Grand Rond or Boulingrin (bowling-green in English) is a public garden. It was made near of city center/ downtown Toulouse, between 1752 and 1754. It takes the form of a very large roundabout about 200 meters in diameter from which four large alleys, Jules-Guesde, François-Verdier, Paul-Sabatier and Frédéric-Mistral come out. This roundabout is so vast with 4 hectares that it was transformed into an English garden in the 19C. Its name comes from bowling-green in reference to the lawns on which Toulousains came to play the game of boules (sort of petanque with metallic balls) . During the French revolution, the revolutionaries wanted to rename it cercle des sans-culottides but it was baptized Grand Rond after a horse race on July 29, 1830.



The Grand Rond was part of a large urban planning project launched by Louis de Mondran in the 1750s. On December 17, 1751, the Capitouls accepted the project and the work was completed in 1754. In the 19C, the wrought iron gates dating from 1785, initially at the Cours Dillon, are placed at the entrance. The Grand Rond is decorated with several statues, generally copies , the most impressive I like are the Wallace fountain, and the wonderful female dog chained with its puppies; opposite, The wolf with one of the frightened puppies she has just stolen; two statues of Pierre Louis Rouillard opposite which open the aisle on the north side. Winner of the cockfight by Alexandre Falguière; David slaying Goliath by Antonin Mercié; and the Awakening of Morpheus by Léo Laporte-Blairsy.



The Toulouse tourist office on the Grand Pont

The city of Toulouse on its gardens

There you go folks, a wonderful garden and surround by even more wonderful museums, other gardens and near the port Sauveur all gorgeous walks indeed and great food ! The Grand Pond of Toulouse is very nice. Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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