The Puerta de San Vicente of Madrid !

This is just by the wonderful parks on the western part of the city , and I will be updating the post for you and me. The Puerta de San Vicente gate is a nice monument at the corner of a very busy intersection leading to the Principe Pio shopping center and on the other direction the Campo del Moro, Jardines de Sabatini and the Palacio Real. (see posts), Let me tell you a bit more on the Puerta de San Vicente.

The Puerta de San Vicente is a monumental gate located in the Glorieta de San Vicente .Since 1995 it occupies the space in which between 1775 and 1892 was the original gate, the work of the architect Francesco Sabatini. pic 2019


The history of it is like this

In 1726, the Marquis de Vadillo, mayor of Madrid commissioned Pedro de Ribera to build a monumental gate near the city, to replace an earlier gate, which was in a dilapidated state and was called “del Parque”. The gate, which consisted of three arches, was adorned with a statue of San Vicente ( St. Vincent) , so it received that name, although it would also be known later as the Puerta de la Florida ,gate of. This gate was demolished in 1770, due to the remodeling of the Cuesta de San Vicente, (sloping hilly street) as part of the reorganization of the western accesses to the Royal Palace and its connection with the Camino de El Pardo. Shortly after, King Carlos III commissioned Francesco Sabatini to build a new gate to replace the previous one as an entrance to the city from the new Paseo de La Florida promenade. The works finished in 1775. This later work consisted of an arch and two shutters or gates and was built of granite and limestone from Colmenar de Oreja. The arch was ornamented with two Doric columns on the outside and two pilasters, also Doric, on the inside. It was crowned by a triangular frontispiece topped with a military trophy. The side shutters were also crowned by military trophies. pic 2016

Madrid puerta de san vicente front aug16

Again in 1890 the this gate was dismantled to improve traffic in the area. However, the track of it’s remains was lost, which remain unaccounted for with many theories, but they were never found in spite of being searched in the final decades of the 20C. Finally, In the 1990s, the Madrid city council decided to replace the gate in the same place where it was located. To do this, a replica was made. being placed in an inverse position to the original, that is, looking at the city. The new Puerta de San Vicente then moved the fountain of Juan de Villanueva, which was in that location since 1952, and which was moved to the Parque del Oeste. For the replica, in gray granite and limestone plated concrete, the moldings of the upper cornices that were still preserved from the original were used, in addition to the reference of the original plans and a photograph of 1890! pic 2019.


The Madrid tourist office on the Puerta de San Vicente

There you go folks, another nice walk from the Palacio Real would be wonderful, and nice residential areas with gorgeous architecture to reach the beautiful new Puerta de San Vicente! Hope you enjoy the post on this off the beaten path gem of my Madrid !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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