The Museo Casa de la Moneda of Madrid !

Always Madrid! Madrid is it for me!, and had the priviledge of living and now visit often. This is an update of an older post on a monument near my old home, Let me show you a museum, but different, one we can still use every day, as it is a money mint museum! This is the case of the Museo Casa de la Moneda of Madrid

The Museo Casa de la Moneda  or House of Money Museum is a permanent exhibition of the National Mint and Stamps Factory in Madrid. It contains the largest numismatic collection in Spain and one of the most complete in Europe.


The origins of the museum date back to the 18C and are closely linked to the figure of Tomás Francisco Prieto, General Engraver of the Mint of King Carlos III. Mr Prieto was Director of Engraving at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and founder, in 1771, of an Engraving School in which artists were formed who would later work at the Royal Mint of Spain and its colonies. The initial core of the museum was a collection of drawings, prints, old books, coins and medals made by Prieto to help in the teaching of his students. It was bought by King Carlos III, expanding it with acquisitions and donations.

In 1867, during the reign of Isabel II, the original collection of the Mint Museum was first exhibited to the public in the former Casa de la Moneda building in Plaza de Colón. It remained there until 1964, when it was moved to the current location on Calle Doctor Esquerdo No. 36. And my visit was here, not far from old home, Admission is free.  Get there from Metro O’Donnell line 6 circular or Goya lines 2 and 4.



The National Mint and Stamp Factory was founded in 1893 with the merger of two independent organizations: the Mint and the Stamp Factory. Since 1861 both institutions had shared the same building in Plaza de Colón (see post), although they were independent and had separate administrations. Later moved as above.

The numismatic collection starts from its origins, passing through Greece, Rome, Hispania, the Middle Ages, the Catholic Monarchs, the House of Austria and the House of Bourbon. Two rooms with coins from the 19C to the 21C are also included. Also, the museum has rooms dedicated to the medal, graphic arts, sealed paper, lotteries, philately, as well as temporary exhibitions and some examples of minting machinery and verification of authenticity of bills.


The numismatics collection is one of the largest in the Museum. You can explore the history of the currency from its origins (first coinage in electron, from 7C BC), through the Greek and Roman series, which exhibit important specimens such as coins minted in Syracuse, Athens, Aegina, etc … and arrive until the first emissions of the Roman Republic. As for the medieval period, the Museum offers a significant sample of the gold minting of the Suevian and Visigoth kings and a broad representation of Islamic emissions in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as of the Christian kings during the Reconquest. The modern and contemporary currency series range from the Catholic Monarchs to the current euro issues.


The Museum of Money or Museo Casa de la Moneda, also gathers all the issues of Spanish Post stamps printed since its creation in 1850, in addition to the elements used in its manufacture: original drawings, irons, state tests, coats, etc. The Museum also has about 2,000 letters with pre stamps marks from the 18C and 19C, prior to the appearance and use of the postage stamp.


Really a nice place to visit and good for the whole family, we enjoyed very much with the boys. I remember been here with my dear late mom Gladys once, and later came back to show to my dear late wife Martine and the boys as of 2019, Madrid has endless possibilities of wonderful places to see and enjoy!

The official Museo Casa de la Moneda :

The Madrid tourist office on the Museo Casa de la Moneda:

The official Mint Factory of Spain :

There you go folks, another jewel in my dear Madrid and easy to get to from the city center on an area near where I used to lived not far from Retiro park and lately on visits stayed in hotels nearby.  Hope you enjoy this post on the Museo Casa de la Moneda as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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