The Church St. Catherine of Brussels !

So I am moving up again to my neighbor Belgium, many times there taken advantange of family near the Belgian border. I have several posts on one of my favorite cities, but feel obligated again to tell you a bit more of its most interesting monuments.I am updating rather redoing this older post where I had several monuments into one and splitting them to give them the credit they deserve in my blog. After all, these were memorable walks with the family which we love to do together when visiting anywhere.

What better way to do this then by showcasing the historical and architectural significance in the city of Brussels. Therefore, let me tell you about the Church St Catherine of Brussels ! Hope you enjoy it as I.


The present  Church St. Catherine was built on the site of a basin of the old Port of Brussels between 1854 and 1874. Opened in St. Catherine’s Square, it replaced an ancient building dating back to the 15C. It was finally consecrated to the cult in 1874. It is the only religious building built in the Pentagon (historical center of Brussels) since the end of the old regime (French revolution). The Italian campanile adjoining the entrance to the Church of St. Catherine is, in fact, the Baroque steeple that lined the choir of the old church demolished in 1893.

Inspired by 16C French churches, such as the Saint-Eustache Church near the Halles of Paris; the Sainte-Catherine Church presents a hybrid architecture, between Gothic forms and Baroque decoration. It presents a homogeneous designed in Neo-Renaissance style, to which were added the main works of the old church. The pulpit of truth would come from the Cathedral Saint-Rombaut de Malines. By 2014, following a decision by the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, the Church of St Catherine in Brussels was reopened to worship and placed under the responsibility of 4 young priests of the Brotherhood of the Holy Apostles.

The official Church of Ste Catherine

The Brussels Heritage Collection on the church

The Brussels tourist office on the church

There you go folks,  a bit more just to give you a better overview of this magnificent Church Sainte Catherine of Brussels that are worth a visit while in Brussels. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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