Le Triboulet restaurant of Blois !!

Again usually not do single post on a restaurant but looking back of my vault of pictures and memories realise this one was just brief mentioned in older post. I decided for memories’ sake to have it on its own post in my blog. Family memories on the restaurant we have visited in my belle France. I bring you to distinct places,and choices! In my road warrior ways around my belle France I have come to enjoy many restaurants of all sorts and price levels. The Le Triboulet of Blois is on a higher echelons and  very good indeed! This is magical Blois in the Loir et Cher dept 41 of the Centre Val de Loire region.  Hope you enjoy it as we did/do.

Le Triboulet, 18 place du Chateau, French traditional in a house warming cozy setting with wood stove and fireplace. Just across from castle with a great view. Great local cuisine and ,also, wonderful views over the Loire river from the terraces.


Easy-to-find restaurant,in the parvis of the Castle of Blois (see post), overlooking the city, you can’t miss it! By choosing its name, the restaurant makes a nod to the madman of the king who officiated under the reigns of Louis XII and François I, Févrial better known as the Triboulet, the latter had costume to entertain the king with his good words. The cozy atmosphere is conferred by the narrowness of the room, by a decoration made of beams and exposed stones, and a pleasant fireplace to brave the cold of winter. The property offers a small but quality menu, traditional cuisine in an exceptional setting. During the summer, both terraces are very popular.


The official Le Triboulet restohttp://www.letriboulet.com/

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Le Triboulethttps://restaurantguru.com/Le-Triboulet-Blois

There you go folks, the fancy of my belle France, nobody does it better and it shows each year by the number of visitors. Hope you have enjoy this marvelous Loire . The Le Triboulet of Blois is a must indeed.

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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