Our Pizza Huts of Luxembourg!!!

This is a memorable stop for us for many years and one of the nice places to eat simple family meal in Luxembourg City. I have many stories here with the family all fun and nicely remembered. See my several posts on the country in my blog. As I was in pizzas, let me continue with our story of Pizza Hut in Luxembourg!

I have gone as far as Trier for Pizza Hut (see post) ,but let me tell you the brief story on Luxembourg. We have been coming here for many years and even just to have lunch!  One of our must stop is the Place d’Armes in city center of the upper town of Luxembourg city. 

lux pl d'armes pizza hut jan11

Several years back,, we were looking at Pizza Hut in France but they were not making our favorite from back in the old home of Florida USA. That is the Pepperoni Lovers pizza!!! And by chance while walking in the wonderful Place d’Armes there we encounter the famous pizza at the restaurant there! Voilà a love at first sight, we came back even for lunch here and each time visiting the country we came by it for several years. My dear late wife Martine just was so happy to come and enjoy it with the boys. Memories forever, and glad able to have written in my blog.


And we came again to the Pizza Hut in the Place d’Armes! A family ritual for many years , This is at no 13 Place d’Armes. Official webpage: https://restaurants.pizzahut.lu/restaurant/luxembourg

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Pizza Hut Lux Villehttps://restaurantguru.com/Pizza-Hut-Luxembourg-City-2

For further memories, we ,also, driving into the country stop by for lunches at these. Pizza Hut , Rue de Colmar-Berg (road A7) turn into the Topaze shopping center and is to the right of the picture below. This is in Mersch, This restaurant opened in 2012, has its own entrance, on the car park side, which also makes it accessible on Sunday afternoons, when the shopping center is closed.  And, also on another visit we came to Pizza Hut Beggen 154, rue de Beggen (road A7) You will have a nice 70-seat veranda, a veritable oasis of greenery and light just a few minutes from the city center.

Mersch topaze cc jul06

The city of Luxembourg on the place d’Armes :https://www.luxembourg-city.com/en/place/monument/place-d-armes

There you go folks, another memorable simple wonderful spot for us full of memories and good cheers, never to be forgotten, The Pizza Hut of Luxembourg Ville is famous in our family, and we always look forward to be back,, See my other posts on Luxembourg in my blog, one of our favorite countries to visit, Hope you enjoy the Pizza Hut and especially the one at the Place d’Armes as we do!

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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