Looking forward to Disneyland Paris !!!

Well, preparing on what to do for a long vacation as we are usually road warriors and the only time we spent more than a week is when we go to Spain. And indeed my boys convince me again to be back to Disneyland Paris! Again with lots of memories of my dear mom Gladys and my dear wife Martine , two dear women missing but always with us in spirit. We will be back with our dog Rex and my Dad in wheelchair. I have some pictures from our last trip (see posts) and as we are ready to be back in September 2022, better put them up now for the memories of always in my blog. The Disney properies in Orlando and Marne la Vallée are special for my boys and nowdays hard to convince them to go elsewhere as was one of the favorites of their mother. Therefore,  Disneyland Paris is here to stay with us; hope you enjoy this post as I.


As have so much written on the property and rides will be short this time just to show the new older pictures not yet in my blog. Bear with me please

The last trip in 2021 and this one will be again with me sacrificing some rides as will be standing guard with my Dad on wheelchairs and taking turns with my boys to ride on some. My other boy Rex stayed very nicely well behave in the hotel as not allowed in the parks ,and will be rewarded with another trip to  Disneyland hotels.

Last year,  we stayed at the Village Nature Paris by Center Parcs and part of Pierre & Vacances group. The service for the beers was slow as you need to pay for them and then they bring it to you,too long! Othewise, nice experience for the family including our dog Rex! The hotel is about 10 min car ride from the park and we got the forfait hotel + park so parking was included. It is a forest like setting out in the country and good for taking Rex out for walks. The next hotel is a secret but will be an official Disney hotel and allowed dogs !! For reference the Village Nature webpage: https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-usd/hotels/villages-nature-paris/

The boys went to many rides too numerous to count them !!! or remember them lol! However, they have a list of rides, restaurants, and shops to see on a prioritize list which you all should do coming over. One they will repeat , I know is the Buzz Lightyear  laser, Stars tours, Autopia, and Pirates of the Caribbean ! The rides are listed by areas such as Frontierland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, and Adventureland. On each there are rides and as time goes by we will numbered them from best to see to not so much care if do not see or 1 thru …… as many as possible. 



We will hit Walt Disney Studios briefly with Ratatouille, and Car Quatre Roues Rallye. The restaurands we will be back to Disney Village, Rainforest Café, and the favorite Last Chance Café, Victoria’s Home Style resto, and Casey’s CornerWe will passed again by many rides but did not go in either because we had a priority list to see or because we are not fond of them. This is it!




And of course, lots of shopping, the boys are savings to load up lol!! They like the stores Constellations, Harringtons, World of Disney, The Leyends of Hollywood, the Captain’s coffre, and Thunder Mesa! At least these.

The official Disneyland Paris: https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/

As usual on the way back, we will try to hit the area of Meaux for a quick sentimental reminder and visit family around it. The road warrior is ready with our National Lampoon’s Vacation ! (Bonjour les vacances in French) !! Again, hope you enjoy the trip as we are looking forward to do so again.

There you go folks, another dandy in my Seine et Marne dept 77 , and Disneyland which call Paris for marketing purposes as not in Paris but Marne la Vallée. Still the No 1 visited park in France and Europe!!  Disneyland Parc is a must while in France ,again especially if with young children .  

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I have been to Disneyland Paris twice but never again.

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