Convento Monasterio Agustinas de Santa Maria Magdalena of Alcalà de Henares!

I come back to do a post on a forgotten monument by me ! I have an older post of the heritage of Alcalà de Henares but left this important one out for some reason, Looking at my vault of pictures realised was not included and its time I give it credit it deserves. We took a leisure time to walk all over and see these magnificent architecture buildings full of history we love. I like to tell you a bit more on Convento Monasterio Agustinas de Santa Maria Magdalena of Alcalà de Henares!

I used to lived in Madrid and visit Spain often to say the least thereafter , however, one of my favorite towns and written on it on several posts in a general sense is Alcalà de Henares in the Comunidad de Madrid region. I hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Convento Monasterio Agustinas de Santa Maria Magdalena or the Augustinian Monastery Convent of Santa Maria Magdalena, located at Calle Escritorio ,1 at the end of Calle Santa Úrsula. It was originally founded in 1580 as a shelter for women. Later it becomes a cloister for Augustinian nuns. The church was completed in 1762. Its perspective from Calle de Santa Úrsula is one of the most beautiful in baroque Alcalá de Henares.


The Augustinian Convent of Santa María Magdalena was initially founded by brother Francisco del Niño Jesús as a shelter to fight against the prostitution that came to Alcalá de Henares attracted by the student population. Later, at the request of Cardinal Quiroga, it was converted into a convent for nuns of the Augustinian order. As usual in Complutense conventual institutions, the building that houses the congregation is much later than the foundation. The church, attributed to the Augustinian Fray Lorenzo de San Nicolás and completed in 1672, has a Latin cross floor plan with a highly developed dome over a drum and an airy lantern. On the façade, strategically located at the end of Calle de Santa Úrsula, there is an atrium and stone niche with a modern image of San Agustín, all on a brick wall with a triangular pediment.

Inside, we find a church centered with a half-orange dome on pendentives. The portico is located under the choir like its Madrid model. Its elevation is Doric and it is decorated with a large entablature of paired corbels. It housed important works of art; paintings by Antolinez, Carreño and Ricci; Escalante or Murillo tables; pre-churrigeresque sculptures and altarpieces.  The contrast with the slate of the dome and the symmetry broken by the belfry constitutes one of the most beautiful and characteristic urban perspectives of Alcalá de Henares.  The complex, much restored today, suffered serious damage during the Spanish Civil War, a period during which many important works of art were lost. The current convent is of modern construction, although the original Renaissance façade on Calle Gallo is preserved.

The Alcalà de Henares tourist office on the convent:

The city of Alcalà de Henares  things to see

There you go folks, Alcalà de Henares is truly a city to come back again, lots to see and the Convento Monasterio Agustinas de Santa Maria Magdalena is  one of them for sure. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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