Church San Antonio of Aranjuez!

So I am taking you back in my beloved Spain and one of my favorite spots in all the country. This is royal princely Aranjuez, in the Comunidad of Madrid and only 44 km from Madrid, and we like it. So many nice places to see in addition to the top Palace here (see posts), I like to come back to something more urban and walkable with beautiful sights and historicall nice too, We walked all over and came in to see up close the Church of San Antonio done as a royal chapel in Aranjuez. Let me tell you more of it as it really needs a post of its own and deservingly so,

The Church of San Antonio was designed as a royal chapel. Moreover, it was originally an oratory of Felipe IV. It was made in the 18C. The space is arranged according to a system of arcades, using a set of curves and counter-curves. It is circular in plan and has a beautiful dome. It was strongly marked by Italian art.


King Felipe IV ordered to set up as provisional due to the limited capacity of the Royal Chapel, which only had two altars. It was also used as a barracks by the Napoleonic troops. It is integrated into the formation of the Plaza de San Antonio, the nerve center of Aranjuez and traditionally known as the Plaza de la Mariblanca, the first of the initiatives of the urban expansion of the Royal Site. It is occupying the vanishing point of the square and assimilating to a system of arches that articulate the great space, through a game of curves and against curves. It is part of a courtly urbanism where the Italian influence is evident, of a centralized circular plan, underlined by the dome, responds to this influence.

The Church of San Antonio is a temple of baroque conception. King Fernando VI ordered the construction of a chapel dedicated to San Antonio de Padua on the south side of the main square that gives entrance to the Royal Site to replace the Oratory of the time of Felipe IV. This chapel would serve for the people and the Monarchy. Construction began in 1752 ,king Carlos III ordered the chapel to be enlarged, incorporating a large square piece with a gabled roof.


The temple is formed by a central floor with circular geometry embraced on the outside by a porticoed gallery with five semicircular arches decorated with Tuscan pilasters and grandstands, as a finishing façade facing south from the square of the same name. The galleries of arches that connect this chapel with the Casa de Infantes on one side and on the other with the Casa de Caballeros y Oficios, were built in 1767 . The construction is of brick factory, except in holes and cornices that are made of Colmenar stone and lead roofs.

The city of Aranjuez on its heritage:

The Cultural site of Spain on the Church San Antonio

There you go folks, a short and sassy introduction to the nice royal Church of San Antonio or St Anthony of the princely city of  Aranjuez. Hope you enjoy this post and see my other posts on Aranjuez, worth the detour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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