Museo Archéologico Nacional de Madrid!!

As it goes around my home, look up and done a post on this wonderful property under the title of Museo Archéologico Nacional, Madrid of course! Then, again, had many pictures left out from this original post and decided it merits to tell you more and show you more of the National Archeological Museum of Madrid, Spain. Therefore, here is my treat to you and me; hope you enjoy it as I.

The Museo Archéologico Nacional de Madrid or National Archaeological Museum of Madrid was founded in 1867 by decree of Queen Isabel II(Elizabeth), the museum presents a route that goes from the caves of Altamira, of which there is a reproduction, through the Iberians and Egyptians, reaching the Renaissance and touching above decorative arts until the 19C. We find works of art from practically all the cultures that have inhabited in Spain. It is one of the largest archaeological collections of humanity!

Between 2008 and 2014, the museum is entirely renovated which made it gain in importance. Some of the most important objects exhibited in the museum are the Lady of Elche, the Moorish Well Monument, the Statue of Livia, the Lady of Baza, the Six Crowns from the Incredible Treasure of Guarrazar, the Stele of Nebsumenu and the Statue of Harsomtus-Em-Hat. 



Inside the museum you will find the permanent exhibition distributed in 40 rooms that includes more than 13,000 archaeological, historical and artistic objects, most of them found in the Iberian Peninsula over the years. You will also find exhibited collections dedicated exclusively to Prehistory, Protohistory, Rome, Late Antiquity, the Medieval World, the Modern Age, Egypt, Greece, the Near East and Coinage. All the pieces are complemented by information panels, videos, interactive screens, models and in some rooms you can have a virtual reality experience.


The order established in the tour of the National Archaeological Museum is chronological. It employs a sequential expository discourse that begins at the beginning of humanity and covers until the 19C, coinciding with the time of the museum’s creation. The exhibition is structured in three main spaces that host different content: ‘Archaeology and heritage’, which includes basic concepts; ‘Spain, place of cultural encounters’; and ‘From cabinet to museum’, which talks about the institution and the collections of Mediterranean cultures.


The order would be the Mezzanine first. It has a space dedicated to currency. Its function is deepened from the 6C B.C. until the 21C. It is considered the best in Spain in this field and one of the most outstanding worldwide. First floor. Roman Hispania, Protohistory, Medieval World: Al Andalus, and Late Antiquity. Second floor. Modern Age, Medieval World and Christian Kingdoms, Greece, The Nile: Egypt and Nubia, the Near East and the History of the Museum. Cafeteria, shop, activity rooms.



It was built with materials from the Royal Library of Gabinete de Historia Natural and many other collections. Between 1866 and 1892 the Palacio de Bibliotecas y Museos (palace of libraries and museums) was built. This neoclassical building was designed to house the National Library, the Museum of Modern Art and the Archaeological Museum, which was installed there in 1895. Its foundational collections came mainly from the Royal Cabinet of Natural History (predecessor of the current National Museum of Natural Sciences), to which were added the funds of the Museum of Medals and Antiquities of the National Library, made up of around 100,000 coins, medals and carvings, as well as a thousand archaeological and artistic objects, those of the Higher School of Diplomacy, and those of the Royal Academy of History.

You can reach the National Archeological Museum of Madrid at Calle Serrano 13 with metro station Serrano (líne 4) and  Colón (líne 2), The bus lines stopping just in front are no, 1, 9, 19, 51 and 74, Also, I have used the car park at Plaza de Colón by the Jardines del Descubrimiento.

The official MAN or museo archéologico nacional

The Madrid tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, now have it covered much better and feels great! This is not on most travel plans but it is recommended, a truly wonderful Museo Archéologico Nacional de Madrid! Another wonderful spot in my dear Madrid!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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