The Jardines de Sabatini of Madrid !!

I come back right at you again with my beloved Madrid , never get tired of seeing it writing, speaking of it. You know me by now right….. This is Madrid! I like to split this older post and update on these two wonderful gardens ; on this one see the beautiful Jardines de Sabatini of Madrid !!

The two gardens by the Royal Palace are nice to see walk and just spent time with the family in gorgeous surrounding. One more reason to come to Madrid!! I have written a bit before on them, but feel worth it to tell you more about the Jardines de Sabatini. (see other post), It is by Calle Bailén 2,on the Cuesta San Vicente ; to get here on public transports do the Metro lines 2 and 5 Opera as well as Sol lines 1,2,and3 Bus lines 3,25,39,46,75,138, and 148. Also Principe Pio line 6 and Radial line.


The Sabatini Gardens are considered to be one of the best spots in the city to watch the sun go down in Madrid. This comes as no surprise when you realise that the gardens sit on the very place where Moorish troops established an observation post when the city of Madrid was born over a thousand years ago.


A tumultuous period during the 20C followed, when the Second Spanish Republic exiled the then monarch, King Alfonso XIII, and later seized the property of the Crown in the name of the Spanish people. The Royal Stables were one of these confiscated possessions and after being demolished by decree, they made way for the Sabatini Gardens. The Sabatini gardens were started in 1932 and the Spanish Civil War interrupted the creation of the gardens and they weren’t opened until 1950. They were refurbished in 1972 and the entrance staircase was replaced by a more monumental design; in 1978, as democracy took its first baby steps in Spain, the gardens were finally opened to the public by King Juan Carlos I.


The Sabatini Gardens have a formal Neo-classical style that is evident in the use of symmetrical geometric patterns that are formed by well-trimmed hedges and meticulously positioned trees. However, the true star of garden is its pond; it has three discreet fountains and the edges are dotted with a series of statues of Spanish kings.


The Madrid tourist office on the Jardines de Sabatini

There you go folks, a nice ,pretty spacious gorgeous gardens and a bit of nice walk in the city! Madrid and the Jardines de Sabatini! Hope you enjoy it as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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