The Principe Pio of Madrid !!

This is the extreme points from central Madrid, I was cruising with the family on bus no 46 all the way out and decided to walked back to the center! A long walk but worth it, as I said walking is best in a city. In doing so, we passed by the shopping center and train station of Principe Pio. This Principe Pio is a very nice airy big train station and very clean facilities a wonderful place to spend some time and recharge for our walks, we had a nice shake yougurt ice of banana and mango here at Illallao store on the Cercanias station side upper level.



My boys walking on the left!!

The official Principe Pio shopping center

The Madrid tourist office on Principe Pio shopping center

A bit of history I like. The Estacion del Norte was a train station in Madrid. Now a extinct company built it in 1861 provisional facilities in the place where the station was later built, due to the inauguration of the railway that went from Madrid to Irun (French border). The definitive station was inaugurated in 1882, becoming one of the most prominent of the North network as well as the Madrid stations. After the inauguration of the Chamartín station, its decline began when the rail traffic was transferred to the new station. In 1993, it was finally closed, being rehabilitated as an exchanger and a commercial center and renamed as the Principe Pío station.


For the anecdote, who is the Principe Pio? well , he is Francisco Pío de Saboya y Moura was an Italian aristocrat and military men, in the service of the Crown of Spain. He held the titles of Marquis de Castel Rodrigo with Grand of Spain, Duke of Nocera, Count of Lumiares and Prince Pio (principe pio) and of San Gregorio.

The new Principe Pio ,which we took a peek , is a completely modified  station with  an opening dome in the center of the station under the canopies to accommodate the new metro lines 6 and 10, modifying the tracks to adapt the facilities to the Cercanías train service, as well as expanding the capacity of the railway ring road that was reformed, buried and fully integrated in the city under the action known as the Green Rail Corridor. With this action, the Cercanías service from the northwest corridor was allowed to pass through the station and continue south on the way to the Atocha station. Finally the new station was inaugurated in 1995, with its new name of Principe Pío.



The Madrid tourist office on the Principe Pio trains station

The Metro de Madrid on the Principe Pio station (360 degree view)

The RENFE train network on the Principe Pio station

This is now very popular as there is a big train/metro connection here as well as a very nice shopping center of Principe Pio. A great opportunity to leave the tourist center and see a bit more of my dear Madrid. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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